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STAFF PHOTO GALLERY   Administrators Mathew Collingwood: President & C.E.O. Mathew Collingwood: Co-Founder and President Matt Collingwood is a founding partner of Tamwood and a Chartered Professional Accountant. Born in central Canada and educated at the University of Ottawa, Matt has called Vancouver home since 1990. Matt’s interest in international student travel was developed when, while at business school, he was selected to take part in a 6-month student exchange to Bolivia and this left a lasting impression. The globalization of education and the opportunity to work in an international field lured Matt away from banking in the mid 1990’s and he has never looked back. Most of Matt's time is now spent on strategic planning and financial management with a good deal of international travel mixed in. However, meeting students and speaking with other Tamwood team members is something that he never loses sight of and tries to accomplish every day.

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Tamsin Plaxton: Co-president & Managing Director Tamsin Plaxton: Co-Founder and Director of Marketing Although her formal education was in law and economics, Tamsin's dream of running a language school and summer camp was born out of her experiences as a summer camp counsellor in Switzerland and a bicycle tour guide in France, two jobs she did during her summer vacations while at university. Tamsin and Matt started the company in 1992 and Tamsin left her career as a lawyer in 1997 to take on the role of Tamwood's Director of Marketing. Tamsin is personally responsible for student recruitment in Europe and the Americas and for the development of all marketing materials including this web site.

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Amina Morin: Go International Manager Amina Morin: Go International Manager Amina holds a Masters in International Business. She has a great experience understanding individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds thanks to her rich international life experience. She was born in Germany, and grew up in Austria and Morocco. Later Amina moved to the United Kingdom to complete a Bachelor Degree in European Studies and lived in France for 16 years. She speaks French, Spanish, Moroccan and German and has worked several years as a Business Developer at one of the health industry leader franchise companies in France. As Go International’s manager, Tamwood’s Work and Volunteer Programs division, she has developed and maintains outstanding relations with a great number of host employers, and volunteer project partners. Aside of supporting our career college students to understand the Canadian workplace culture, she also manages and expands the offer of new international programs for Canadians interested in working and volunteering abroad.

Paola Quiros: Accommodation Manager Paola Quiros: Accommodation Manager Paola Quiros holds a Bachelor degree in Social Communication and Journalism from University of La Sabana in Colombia, and a Certificate in International Development from the University of British Columbia. She immigrated to Vancouver in 2004. In the past seven years Paola has worked in the non-profit sector holding a range of positions with a focus on client relations programs, supporting vulnerable population and internationally trained professionals. Paola’s natural strength to connect people, create professional and community bridges helped her to coordinate a mentorship program matching newcomers with local professionals. As a former international student and experienced immigrant support worker, Paola understands first-hand the importance of encouraging cross-cultural communication between students and host families. She is committed to finding the best match possible to imprint in students a positive experience with their home stay family.

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Evan Yang: International Camps Program Manager Evan Yang: International Camps Program Manager Evan Yang brings more than 10 years of experience in leadership, program development, and management. As the International Program Manager, Evan will oversee the daily operations of Tamwood International's Junior Centre Programs in all regions (Vancouver, Whistler, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles). This position plays a vital coordinating and priority-setting role for the Junior Education Programs unique in both its diversity and its sheer distance, with hundreds of youth participants from over 20 countries each year. In addition, Evan worked at Junior Achievement of BC, the world's largest non-profit organization that delivers business education to students.

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Jeong Suk Seo: Business Development Manager, Korea, Thailand & Vietnam Jeong Suk Seo: Korean Marketing Coordinator Jeong Suk was born in Seoul, South Korea. She holds a Bachelor of Law - Regional Development degree. In the past, she worked as a Marketing Manager at an international agency in Seoul for seven years and coordinated ESL programs at various universities in Korea. She has been working for Tamwood for many years and she always enjoys meeting students and helping them with their needs. She has travelled across Europe and Canada.

Skype: koreasales.tamwood
Yasu Komukai: Business Development Manager Japan Market Yasu Komukai: Japanese Marketing Coordinator Yasu was just like one of you some ten years ago. He was an exchange student in the U.S. and he went through what all ESL students experience. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and worked in sales & marketing in Japan. He has continued his sales career in Canada over the last 7 years. He is happy to help all students and he will make his time available for you anytime. His goal is for every student to have a great experience at TAMWOOD.

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Maria Vicente: Business Development Manager – Brazil Maria Vicente – Sales Coordinator – Latin America Maria is an ex student of Tamwood International School. She lived in Vancouver from 2009 to 2011. Since going back to Brazil she has never stopped working with Canada, giving students advice based on her own experience while she lived here. She graduated in arts and in 2013 she started working as partner to a Spanish friend who had also studied in Tamwood. They were selling Tamwood courses together.
When she came on vacation in Vancouver with her husband she had the best invitation that this city could give to her: to work with Tamwood. Now she just wants to give the other students the same opportunities to change their lives studying at Tamwood.

Skype: brazil.tamwood
Aida Nieto: Sales Coordinator for Spain and Spanish Latin America Aida Nieto: Sales Coordinator for Spain and Spanish Latin America Aida was born in Toledo (Spain) but she has always lived in Madrid, the city where she developed her professional career.

With extensive experience in marketing and customer service in many sectors, especially in the automotive industry, Aida started her career in the educational industry 5 years ago. Through her experience she has found that working with international students from all over the world is a big passion for her.

Aida is a person with lots of initiative, who is always looking to learn more and excited about helping students and agents to achieve their goals.

Hani Nino: Business Development Manager – Middle East Hani Nino: Business Development Manager – Middle East Born and raised in Amman, Jordan, Hani received a Bachelor degree in Engineering from Jordan University. He has over 10 years of in-depth experience in International Business Development for better quality performance and reliability in the industry. Hani has recently moved to Vancouver and joined Tamwood team for International Business Development and expanding the Middle East market.

He enjoys traveling a lot; which makes him an international worker, who finds joy in meeting new people and learning different cultures. He strives to always keep a positive attitude and has the ability to inspire confidence in any person and is always ready to offer his help.

Skype: middleeastsales.tamwood Cathy Gao: Business Development Manager - China, Taiwan, Hong Kong Cathy Gao: Business Development Manager - China, Taiwan, Hong Kong Cathy was born in Handan, in Hebei Province, in the middle of China. She holds a Bachelor of Business English and Business Management degree and brings 10 years of experience in administration management, sales & marketing to Tamwood’s team. Cathy enjoys meeting students and helping them to achieve their educational goals. She hopes that more and more students can get the higher education and the chance to travel around the world to improve their future and make their dreams come true.

Skype: chinasales.tamwood
Shelley Quinn: Whistler Campus Manager & Business Development Manager – Easter Europe Shelley Quinn: Whistler Campus Manager Shelley has been an active member of the Whistler business community since 1997, and owned and operated a Golf and Ski Tour Company prior to starting with Tamwood. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario in the late 1980's with an honours degree in French Language and Literature, Shelley completed a Diploma in Business Admin at Wilfred Laurier University. After graduation it was off to travel and work in various countries, including Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, France, China and India. With a true passion for languages, Shelley speaks fluent French, along with basic Spanish and rudimentary Italian and Japanese.

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Teresa Lacuna: Vancouver Campus Manager Teresa Lacuna: Campus Manager Teresa Lacuna holds an MA TESL/FL from the University of Birmingham, UK and has worked with international students for almost 20 years, both in Vancouver and in the Hong Kong region. She truly loves to see students reach their potential in language learning and have a lot of fun in the process. She is looking forward to meeting all of our students and working with them to ensure they have the best experiences at Tamwood and make unforgettable memories.

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Derby Carruthers: Toronto Campus Manager Derby Carruthers: Toronto Campus Manager Derby began working in the ESL profession about fifteen years ago at Hansa Language Centre, where he taught many different levels of ESL from Beginner to Advanced. Subsequently, Derby worked in the office at Hansa for several years registering students and helping them with their schedules and classes.
Derby moved on to head up Language School of Canada in Toronto in 2005, where he coordinated all of the marketing activity, as well as the operations and financial ends of the business. During this time he continued to teach various ESL classes, as well as test preparation classes such as TOEFL-IBT, TOEIC and IELTS.
Prior to ESL, Derby worked in the operations field at the Brick as the Operations Manager in Toronto and at Canada's largest book publisher and distributor, H. B. Fenn and Co. Ltd. as the Distribution Manager.

Skype: dcarruthers.tamwood