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Health Attendant   Job Summary

The Health Attendant is primarily responsible for the health and safety, care and comfort of all Tamwood campers. The Health Attendant is part of the Tamwood staff team and assists in other areas outside of camper health when required. This position does not involve staff supervision.

Reporting Structure

The Health Attendant reports directly to the Camp Director and reports indirectly to the Coordinators and to Head Office.

Desired Qualifications

  • Working toward a degree in Nursing or LPN certification
  • Prior experience working with and caring for children
  • Desired characteristics: empathy, patience, kindness and a desire to help
  • Ability to maintain accurate records and superb attention to detail
  • Experience with completing complex insurance documents
  • Good interpersonal and problem solving skills, ability to work independently and within a team
  • Ability to work under pressure with changing priorities and to meet deadlines
  • Have the ability to maintain confidentiality and deal with sensitive issues with tact and discretion
  • Must have valid Basic First Aid and CPR C certification by June 1st.
  • Must have an unrestricted full drivers' licence and be confident with city and highway driving

Work performed

  • Administration
    • Reviews all medical records on camper intake days
    • Keeps a daily record of all medications and first aid administered to campers
    • Active participation in pre and post camp periods
    • Maintains all camp first aid and medical supply inventory
    • Daily professional upkeep of the health centre
    • Completes accident, incident and discipline reports as required
    • Adheres to all Tamwood Policies and Procedures as outlined in Staff Manual
    • Submits a final report and all outstanding paperwork
    • Attends all meetings as scheduled by the Camp Office Administration
    • Submits a final report at the end of the summer
    • Completes closing inventory checklist for medical supplies and submit to Head Office
    • Wears the camp t-shirt at all times while on duty
    • Performs other duties as needed

  • Financial
    • Submits all insurance claims to Head Office
    • Submits of receipts for medications purchased (Marnee- is this what happens?)

  • Camper care
    • Administers first aid and healthcare to injured and ill campers
    • Provides emotional support to campers that are homesick
    • Supervises the campers who are withdrawn from the program for disciplinary reasons
    • Drives and escort a camper to the doctor's office, hospital or clinic when necessary
    • Drives the camp vehicles as required (includes airport and hospital trips)
    • 24 hr on-call while on duty
    • Provides support to the Staff team with the daily camp schedule and routines
    • Performs other duties as required