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Are you tired of talking about the pandemic? So are we. That’s why we’re adopting a forward-facing approach to help you prepare for what comes next as you hit the job market. Whether you are gearing up for your first professional job or hoping to ditch your current gig to shift careers, we’ve got you. And there’s never been a better opportunity!   While everyone else remains in COVID-19 recovery mode, you can be ahead of the curve. Before April 2020, demand for digital skills was off the charts. Combine that with

Read about success story of Carlo, who received the sponsorship to stay in Canada and apply for a Permanent residency application!   Hi, I'm Carlo from the Philippines. I graduated in Hospitality management back home. I believed that gaining international experience would help to expand my knowledge and enhance my skills and since I was really into this industry, I decided to take a FB program. I was right - with this program I was able to have a Canadian education that would prepare me to work in my professional career. The campus location

  Who are you and what is your Business about?  My name is Jairo Caicedo. I am a Colombian entrepreneur, and I launched my startup business here at Tamwood’s Global Startup School.   Indoor Properties is a Proptech early-stage platform design and developed to maximize the capacity of the Sellers and Real Estate Agents to show in 360° and promote their properties directly on Google Maps & Street View.   Why did you decide to take the Global Startup School program? I decided to launch my startup business at the Global Startup School because the program

May 3, 2021 Press release Tamwood Careers College (“Tamwood”) announces a new Tamwood Academic Pathway to Capilano University (“Capilano”) for all Business Programs. International students wanting to immigrate to Canada and seeking a Post-Graduate Work Permit now have more options to do so with Tamwood.  Students who complete any of the one-year diploma programs in business at Tamwood can now transfer up to 30 credits from Tamwood Careers into a diploma or degree program at Capilano. This means students can take fewer courses at Capilano and still graduate with a credential from

Every year, thousands of college graduates hit the job market unsure of what career they actually want. For some, this is a time of exploration and inspiration as they research jobs that excite them. However, others find themselves ransacked with stress as they search for a job related to their area of education. Regardless, while it’s not fun to be unemployed, getting stuck in a job you loathe can be positively soul-crushing.   For every degree, there are hundreds of related job opportunities, so how is anyone supposed to pick the right