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Congratulations on reaching your goals with Tamwood!

Do you still remember your first day at Tamwood? You were probably a little nervous, but also happy to have this amazing chance of a learning experience in Canada. Since then, you learned how to efficiently communicate in another language, how to navigate life in a foreign country, how to make friends from other cultures, and how to set goals and actually achieve them.

Do you remember the people who helped you along the way? You are now a Tamwood Alumni and able to assist others to fulfill their dreams. Sign up to be an Alumni Ambassador and get great experience for your CV while helping others and giving back.

By joining the Tamwood Alumni Network you will have the opportunity to inspire and influence future students and make great professional and personal connections by joining online learning and networking events where you will meet with fellow Tamwood Alumni.

This is only the first step on your path to success and we are excited to hear how your personal story continues!

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