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BREAKING NEWS: Tamwood Careers & Tamwood Language Centres both Approved to Start Receiving New International Students October 20, 2020

The Canadian government announced today, October 2, 2020, an amendment to the international travel ban. Effective October 20, 2020, learning institutions whose COVID-19 readiness plans have been approved by their provincial or territorial government will be able to welcome more international students back to their schools.

Both Tamwood Careers and Tamwood Language Centres, have had their readiness plans approved and have been added to the list of British Columbia and Ontario institutions approved by the Province to receive new international students with study permits.

Tamwood looks forward to safely welcoming new international students to its programs from October 20, 2020!

Tamwood would like to thank the various levels of government who worked so hard to make this happen.

Contact us for more information about the programs offered at Tamwood Careers and Tamwood Language Centres that qualify students to enter Canada as a student under the new travel ban exemption.