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Terms & Conditions of Enrollment (Camps)

1. Students will not be accepted into a Tamwood program without both confirmation of acceptance by the parent or legal guardian of these terms and conditions and receipt of a completed Tamwood application form and completed and signed Tamwood health form. Tamwood cannot arrange medical care for campers without the parent or guardian’s written permission which is given on the signed health form.

2. The Student shall pay a deposit of C$500 for Canadian Camps / US$500 for USA camps within 2 weeks of application to reserve their space. The Student shall pay Tamwood the balance of the total fees owing for the program no later than 4 weeks before the start date of the program. Students will not be received at the airport until Tamwood has received payment in full.

3. Payment

a. All payments shall be cleared in either Canadian dollars or United States dollars.
b. Payments shall be made by either international Money order or via bank transfer to Tamwood’s bank account.
c. The student is responsible for all bank transfer charges.
d. Tamwood reserves the right to cancel, without notice, all bookings and arrangements if the Student fails to pay the required fees for a booking pursuant to the Schedule of Payments set out herein.
e. Tamwood regrets that under no circumstances will a student be allowed to commence and/or attend any course where payment remains outstanding or not cleared.

4. Flight information must be provided at least five (5) working days in advance of students’ arrival or airport transfers cannot be guaranteed. Any flight changes made less than five (5) days before student arrival or while the student is at camp should be sent to both the Tamwood’s Head office and the summer camp office directly.

5. Students who do not arrive and depart on Sundays between 08h00 and 20h00 and who request airport transfer to be provided by Tamwood must pay an additional fee for each special transfer. Transfers for groups of five (5) or more students after hours will be priced based on the number of students and the time and day the transfer is required. Please note that Tamwood cannot accommodate students who arrive before the first date of the camp season or who depart after the last date of the camp season. Students who need accommodation outside the set camp dates will have to be accommodated at their own expense in a hotel near the airport and these students will be responsible for all expenses relating to their care for such days. When students require an extra day of camp during the camp dates, and the space is available, students will be charged for each extra day the student is at Tamwood.

6. Students will require spending money if they want to take part in the optional activities that have an extra cost. Tamwood will not handle special cash transfers from parents to students who run out of money therefore students should bring enough spending money to last their entire camps session. Emergency money or credit cards can be labeled as such and Tamwood will not release this money to the student without parent permission in writing. No traveller cheques.

7. Please read the rules for both the camp and teen program. Most misunderstandings or complaints are caused by the fact that the client has not fully informed himself/herself about the program.

8. The camps will run only if the minimum enrollment is achieved. If a camp is cancelled due to failure to meet minimum enrolment, students will receive a full refund or they can apply the fees towards their application for a different camp option in that week or a different week.

9. The teen Homestay program for students 13-17 is designed for students who are mature, can take public transit on their own, and can be left for short periods of time unsupervised (for example on shopping trips). if you feel your child requires more supervision or may have difficulty following rules, you should consider putting your child in the residence program which is more structured and offers less free time. if your child is 13 you should think carefully about which program is better suited for him/her. Not all students are going to be happy in the homestay program as the residence program offers more activities and more interaction with other students from around the world.

10. Tamwood International college, doing business as; Tamwood International Camps, Tamwood and its representatives, are authorized to make whatever arrangements, accommodations, rules, and regulations as they may deem advisable, in their discretion, for the safety and welfare of the campers and staff and my child, the “CAMPER”, in particular. The CAMPER is subject to immediate dismissal from the camp upon violation thereof. Such dismissal shall be without refund and I agree to pay all expenses and costs occasioned by such dismissal, including return transportation costs.

11. It is expressly agreed that the CAMPER is allowed to participate in all camp activities including canoeing, swimming, kayaking, skiing, white water rafting and tubing, rock climbing, bicycling, excursions, overnight camping trips, tennis, and traditional camping sports which may be either directly supervised by Tamwood personnel or by others contracting with Tamwood. Tamwood acts as an agent only and accepts no responsibility for loss, damage, or injury resulting from delay or negligence of any company/vendor acting in the service of Tamwood. Tamwood is not responsible for inherent risks involved with the weather, accidents, illness, the demands of outdoor activities, and other events beyond the control of Tamwood that could occur during Camp. The CAMPER and their parent(s)/guardian recognize and agree to accept these risks.

12. Tuition fees for camp covers the cost of lodging, meals, English classes, group activities, staff supervisors, medical insurance, and ground transportation (local transportation not included in host family programs). I agree to pay all additional expenses, including those incurred for the wellbeing of the CAMPER. I understand that I must pay for any and all expenses for the medical care of the CAMPER and Tamwood will provide me with the forms required to apply for reimbursement of such expenses under the insurance plan provided in the cost of the camp program. I understand that Tamwood is not responsible for any decisions made by the insurance company regarding eligible expenses.

13. Neither Tamwood nor its representatives shall be responsible for any theft of, or loss or damage, to the property of the Camper or any bodily injury suffered by the Camper during the camp program. I agree to pay for any loss, damage, or injury to the person or property of others that the Camper may cause while participating in one of Tamwood’s summer programs.

14. I understand that Tamwood does not engage any personnel qualified to provide medical, paramedical, dental, health, or other similar care or services to the Camper. I agree to pay all costs and expenses incurred directly or indirectly by Tamwood for such care or services for the Camper that are not covered by the medical insurance included in the program. if the Camper becomes ill or incapacitated, Tamwood may take such action, as it considers necessary, including securing medical treatment and transporting the Camper home at his/her own expense. I release Tamwood from all liability related to such actions.

15. I authorize and appoint Tamwood international to act as Lawful Guardian and as lawful guardian, Tamwood international and Tamwood Camps may consent to my child’s medical treatment, including but not limited to transportation by ambulance, examination, x-ray, diagnoses, hospitalization, anesthesia, and medication under the Doctor’s recommendation.

16. Tamwood may use photographs, videotapes, and testimonials of the Camper in publicity materials.