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    Educational Credentials

    Tamwood Career's programs have minimum admission requirements set in the Admission Policy. We require applicants to submit necessary documents as proof od educational credentials before a Letter of Acceptance can be issued.
    Do you have i) a copy of high school diploma, ii) translation of high school diploma?

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    English Language Proficiency

    We require applicant to submit their Evidence of English Language Proficiency before a Letter of Acceptance can be issued.

    STEP 1: Do you have any of the following test results as your Evidence of English Lanugage Proficiency: CEFR, TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge?

    Yes, Copy AttachedNo (Proceed to Step 2)

    STEP 2: If you are unable to provide evidence of any of the official tests, you must take Tamwoods online test and Tamwood Careers Admission Interview and provide the results as the Evidence of English Language Proficiency.
    Online English Test
    Book Appointment for Interview

    STEP 3: Applicants who do not currently have the English Level required for this program can receive Conditional Letter of Acceptance and take English lessons at Tamwood Language Centres to achieve required English level before starting Tamwood Careers program.
    Are you interested in taking English classes at Tamwood Language Centres as well? NoYes
    If answered yes, please complete the application form for Tamwood Language Centres separately, here.

    Academic Pathway

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    Learn more about Academic Pathway here.


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    Student Homestay (2 meals per day)Student Homestay (3 meals per day)Student Residence, Hostel or Hotel

    Can you live with cats and dogs inside the house? NoYes
    Do you smoke? NoYes
    Do you drink alcohol? NoYes


    Extra Services

    Launch Pad

    Launch Pad is an employment service. For the diploma programs only, this program is included in tuition.

    Medical Insurance Service

    It is mandatory for any person visiting Canada as a student to have valid Medical Insurance.

    Do you require medical insurance?* NoYes


    Air Transfer Service

    Do you require transportation? Yes, on arrival dateYes, on departure dateNo

    Departure Date

    Applicant's Declaration

    Please attach a copy of the passport showing the applicant's name and date of birth.

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