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The Canadian technology sector is absolutely thriving right now, so if you’ve been looking for a sign to launch a tech career, this is it. Undeniably, technology is the future. The best part? Employers are compensating accordingly. The average tech worker makes well over $100,000, certainly qualifying as a high-pay job in Canada.   Selecting your future career is always a daunting decision, but there is undeniable comfort to be found in choosing the technology industry. There’s quite the variety of employment options, clear ongoing demand for your skills, and competitive compensation.

The world really needs user interface experts, user experience design experts, and web developers right now. With increased demand for tools that support remote work, the high-tech industry needs professionals on the ground, stat, to keep up.   Truly, high-tech is flourishing everywhere, however, no place is capitalizing on this shift quite like Vancouver, Canada.   In a November 2020 report, Vancouver ranked number one in high-tech software job growth. Demand for jobs in high tech is only expected to continue to grow heading into 2021. That means that now is the time to

Did you know that a native speaker of English seeking permanent residence in Canada is required to take and pass the IELTS Exam? As well,  did you know that if you are an international student, even if you speak and write English at the same level as a native speaker if wish to enter a Canadian university you still need to pass an IELTS Exam? Tamwood has developed a series of workshops to address weaknesses shown by native speakers of English on the IELTS Exam and to provide professional tips and