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Blog - Enjoy VancouverHi, I’m Jihye (Katie) from Korea. It’s been a long time since I came to Canada. Actually, when I came here the first time, I didn’t have any confidence in my English skills, especially about listening and speaking. I was on the edge of my seat all the time. But, in Tamwood, there are a lot of students who are open-minded. In addition, most of the students are warm-hearted. That’s why I can be a best friend with international students.

I’ve tried to participate in activities at Tamwood. Because I can meet some students who take a different class than me. In addition, talking in English is the best way to learn English.

I saw my first hockey game. The team ‘Giants’ I rooted for won the game on that day! Of course, we drank and enjoyed that time. Literally, that day was beyond description.

On top of that, I rented a car with friends and traveled to Whistler by ourselves. I couldn’t imagine traveling with foreign friends before that day. It was awesome! We were singing all the time and took the pics like this!

I was disappointed with the food in Canada. That’s because they don’t have any local food. Only poutine? But this fact means I can eat food from all around the globe right in Canada. This Greek restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Canada. Their food is out of this world! The lamb is to die for. I will go to this restaurant next week!

I’ve sometimes been having a hard time studying English. However, I lost track of time getting along with my friends. In my experience, since I’ve done a wide range of activities, I can tell I had a blast in Canada. I’ve not only studied English, but I also made precious memories. And I’m going to Korea soon in order to graduate from university. It makes me sad. I want to keep in touch with friends and I believe that we will meet again someday! My memory in Canada is so valuable that I will never forget. Thank you!