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Four Questions to Ask Yourself to Find the Right Career for You

Every year, thousands of college graduates hit the job market unsure of what career they actually want. For some, this is a time of exploration and inspiration as they research jobs that excite them. However, others find themselves ransacked with stress as they search for a job related to their area of education. Regardless, while it’s not fun to be unemployed, getting stuck in a job you loathe can be positively soul-crushing.


For every degree, there are hundreds of related job opportunities, so how is anyone supposed to pick the right one? A trial-and-error approach is much too time consuming. Career quizzes can be fun, but ultimately, they’re not personalized enough to give you accurate results. There has to be a better way to narrow down your career selection.

That’s why we’re here to help. In this article, we introduce the four questions that will help you select the best career for you after college. By identifying your passions, talents, values, and needs, you can find a career path after college that’s fulfilling. Get ready to introspect!


  • What are your passions?


First, let’s consider your passions. The best way to identify them is by examining what you would do for fun if you had all the free time in the world. Would you develop that app you’ve been thinking about for months? Would you spend more time travelling? Or would you make more frequent visits to the library?



Whatever you wish you could do all the time– that’s your passion. Take note of it so that you can match it to your future career.


  • What are your talents?


Of course, it’s important to recognize what your strengths are. What about your skill set is appealing to employers? This can include strong writing abilities, exceptional leadership skills, or even emotional intelligence. Here’s a handy list of talents to help you identify those that best fit you.


Your talents must be a match with your future career, otherwise, you’ll have a tough time getting hired.


  • What are your values?


This question is trying to drill down into what is most important to you in a company, team, and working environment. If you value wealth, that knocks out the possibility of career paths that begin with minimum wage jobs or internships. If you value eco-consciousness, you’re obviously going to avoid working for an oil company or clothing company with questionable production strategies. Whatever your values are, they close doors to certain career avenues and open others, so it’s useful to identify them upfront. Try this fun exercise to expedite the process!


  • What are your ideal coworkers like?


If you’re a social butterfly, you’ll likely want to join a team of extroverts in your future job. You’ll thrive in a company where taking lunch together is the norm and grabbing drinks after work isn’t unheard of. However, if that sounds like your worst nightmare, aim for a more conservative company that takes a more heads-down approach to work.


Picture your ideal working environment and the people in it. When you get to the interview process (and maybe even a site tour), you’ll be better able to identify if you’re a culture fit. Alternatively, consult with alumni from the organization to learn about their experience. For example, Tamwood’s Ambassador Program can help you learn more about career opportunities once you graduate from the institution.


There you have it! Only four questions stand in the way between you and the best job for you. Ready to launch a career that’s a perfect fit? Visit Tamwood’s Hot Jobs corner to explore career vacancies that could be the one.