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Hiking at Garibaldi Lake & the Chief Squamish

It was kind of hard. Let’s be sincere, I’m certainly not the most sporty girl and maybe a little bit lazy, so If I could probably everybody can and I definitely recommend giving it a try. It’s always good to be nearby nature.

Garibaldi Lake took us (me and my friend) around four hours to go up and two and a half hours to go down. We stopped a lot of times with the pretext of following chipmunks and took pictures or to stare at the wonderful views that were there to remind us how insignificant we can be by the side of the majestic mountains. Then I just had to say “hug time” and started breathing heavily the fresh air while I was feeling the beating of our hearts hitting on our chest. When we arrived every feeling of tiredness goes away instantly, the intense blue of the lake quickly absorbed my eyes and I couldn’t do anything except to contemplate what I had in front of me. I felt lucky.

The chief’s quite different, it’s shorter (takes around 45 minutes) but steeper, and once you have arrived you can see the river coming into the city of Squamish. It’s a big rock and it gives you a really good feeling to be over it.

Something I learned it’s about enjoying the road instead of thinking about the top. And that’s applicable in every way in our lives. Enjoy the process and take advantage of it, because the results are coming sooner or later but they always come.

Written By: Rosa Hassler


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