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Tamwood News – How to immigrate to Canada with Startup Visa Program (SUV)

Did you know you can immigrate to Canada through the Canadian Startup Visa (SUV) program just by starting a business in Canada?

SUV offers Canadian permanent residency to qualified immigrant entrepreneurs. It is officially known as the Canada Start Up Class but it is largely referred to as the Start-Up Visa program. The program targets innovative entrepreneurs and links them with investors and incubators in Canada who will help establish their start-up business.  Entrepreneurs can initially come to Canada on a study permit supported by the Tamwood Careers (Work and Study), before qualifying for the SUV program and permanent residency once their business is up and running.

Tamwood Careers (Work and Study) has a department called the Global Startup School (GSS), where we teach people how to become entrepreneurs. Students who join our program learn how to develop a business idea and launch that business in Canada. Then for students who are interested in immigration. We help them immigrate by introducing them to one of the recognized incubators in the Canadian Startup Visa program.
Many of our students have been successful in getting accepted into one of the Canadian incubators and becoming eligible for permanent residency through this program. To read hear what our students saying checkout GSS page.