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Here’s Why You Should Build a Career in Digital Marketing in Canada

Digital marketing was always a promising career path, but the demand for digital marketers has dramatically increased in the past 12 months. This niche of the job market is absolutely booming, and is certain to be hiring for years to come as the internet becomes more intertwined with our everyday lives. However, if you’d like to capitalize on this opportunity, you need to gain digital marketing skills first.


Tamwood International School, a stellar digital marketing college in Vancouver, offers a cutting-edge Digital Marketing program. The marketing courses are also available in Toronto for those who prefer that location. You’ll graduate with a thorough understanding of the many channels of modern marketing and relevant work experience to boot, making you a compelling candidate once you hit the job market. The best part? You’ll be fully trained in under one year, so you can truly capitalize on the digital marketing hiring boom.


Ready to learn why you should get started on building a career in digital marketing? Here we go.


  • 1- Great Pay


The average digital marketer in Vancouver earns CAD 71,000 annually. This is several thousand dollars higher than the average Canadian earns in a year and certainly enough to provide an excellent quality of life. Keep in mind that this is simply the average- certain niches and specializations can earn much more (think upwards of CAD 100,000!).


  • 2- Upward Mobility


As you gain experience, there are several tiers of digital marketing careers that you can begin to climb. With the ability to work your way up to Senior Digital Marketer, Manager of Digital Marketing, and even Chief Marketing Officer, you can negotiate new responsibilities and increased pay over the years.


  • 3- Ability to Be Creative


Of course, aside from pay, it’s important to actually like your job! If you’re a creative type who likes taking on new challenges and experimenting to find solutions, digital marketing is an excellent career for you. Whether it’s taking on new clients, campaigns, or technologies, you’ll always be kept on your toes.


  • 4- Get Started Quickly


A huge perk to becoming a digital marketing expert is that it does not take long to gain employable skills. Other professions may require years of training, meaning that you’re missing out on pay during that period. On the contrary, you can get fully trained at Tamwood in as little as 27 weeks for a Certificate, or 48 weeks for a Diploma and Co-op position.

Whether you’re considering making a career change or entering the labour force for the first time, the short duration of training is very enticing.


The demand for digital marketers is higher than ever before and the job comes with all the cornerstones of a strong career: great pay, upward mobility, creative freedom, and the ability to get work experience fast. What are you waiting for? Reach out to us at Tamwood to launch your digital marketing career!