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Ski & Snowboard Lessons at Whistler

What are you doing this winter? How about combining English lessons with a ski or snowboard vacation in the beautiful mountain landscape of Whistler! Whistler offers the perfect mixture of a bustling ski resort town and picturesque mountain idyll. At the same time, it is close enough to Vancouver for a quick weekend trip.

During this program, partake in English lessons at Tamwood College in the morning and then hit the snow-capped slopes in the afternoon (daily from Monday to Friday, and also on the weekends). Whether you are a ski/snowboard beginner or want to improve your technique, our Whistler Campus Manager will advise you on the best lessons to book once you get to Whistler. You’ll quickly learn new skills and make friends as you explore the mountains!

You should take this course if:

  • • Your level is between beginner and advanced
  • • You want to improve your overall fluency for daily usage
  • • You use English in a variety of settings and want to improve your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills
  • • You want to combine your English learning with an exciting ski or snowboard vacation in Whistler
  • • You want to join fun, social activities
  • • You are ready to benefit from a strictly English-speaking environment (in-school and outside)


Core 28 (28 lessons per week)

Core 20 Whistler Schedule

Learn and practice all of the essential English skills and gain extra practice through our integrated English class called English for Real Life. Students have ample time to also enjoy the many activities Whistler offers including skiing, snowboarding, and biking.

Basic 20 (20 lessons per week)

Basic Schedule

Ideal for students who want to learn all the essential English language skills while having time to enjoy all the on-mountain activities including skiing, snowboarding, and biking, available in Whistler.

Canadian Snowboard Instructor Course Breakdown

Essential English Skills Class (All Courses, Levels 2-7)

Master the Basics
In this class, you will learn and practice all the skills you need to understand and communicate in English including listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, vocabulary, idioms, and grammar. You will also learn the common phrases and expressions that native speakers use.

English for Real Life Class (Core 28 Students Only)

The More You Practice, The More You Learn!
You will solidify the skills learned in your morning classes through interactive activities such as conversations, discussions, debates, and role play.

The focus is on fluency and functional communication skills. You will read about, listen to, research, and write about interesting personal, local, and social issues using TV, newspapers, the internet, and other social media.

This class is fun, effective and very popular!

Program Outcomes

From this program, you will…

  • • Gain fluency and confidence in using English on a daily basis in speaking and writing
  • • Enlarge vocabulary and increase reading speed and comprehension
  • • Learn the correct usage of English grammar in writing and speaking
  • • Try out as many winter activities as you want (skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, snowshoeing, winter hiking, and more)
  • • Enhance self-esteem, independence, and organizing ability
  • • Make new international friends and develop intercultural awareness
  • • Experience the North American culture firsthand
  • • Have an amazing international experience!

A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of studies.
Progress at a rate of one level every 12 weeks.
How? Find out more about our Tamwood Learning Guarantee.

What Our Students Are Saying

Pricing Breakdown

Starting from $350 CAD per week

Optional add-ons include accommodation, airport transfers, and health insurance.

Get a price quote now by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page or talk to one of our consultants for more information about each course.

Admission Requirements

Age: Minimum 16 Years, no maximum

English Level: Beginner to Advanced (Tamwood Level 2 or Higher)*. You should be open to learning in an intercultural environment and motivated to use English with your teachers and peers. The language of instruction will be English only but staff are available for most common languages.

Documents: You must have a valid passport and be eligible to enter Canada as a tourist or as a student. For up to 6 months, you will need either a tourist visa, an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), or in some cases, only your passport. For a program duration of longer than 6 months, you will have to apply for a study permit. Check with travel authorization you need here or get in touch with one of our consultants.

*Students will take a written and speaking test on their first day for suitable placement in classes.

Available Services

English Acceleration Workshops (Toronto & Vancouver):

Every Friday afternoon you can participate in free interactive workshops designed to help you learn more quickly and improve your English knowledge and skills.

Workshop topics include:

✓ Back to basics
✓ Canadian Culture
✓ Confusing Words
✓ English Through Songs
✓ English Through TV
✓ Fun with Vocabulary
✓ Grammar Fun
✓ Power Speaking 1 & 2
✓ Pronunciation Practice
✓ Read & Discuss
✓ What does that say
✓ Games

Personal Coaching

If you study at Tamwood for more than 4 weeks, you can use our free personal coaching service. A teacher will work with you 1-on-1 to focus on your goals and help make a plan to achieve them through practice and exercises that you can do outside of class.


If you want to have housing arranged pre-departure for either the whole duration of your course or only the beginning, then you can book high-quality accommodation through Tamwood, view our price list here or get a quote by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.


  • • Carefully screened, English-speaking homestay families
  • • Fully furnished private rooms with either private or shared bathrooms
  • • Three meal options: Full-Board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), Half-Board (breakfast and dinner), No Meals
  • • High-speed wireless internet and laundry facilities available


  • • Fully furnished shared or private bedrooms
  • • Shared or private bathrooms
  • • Fully equipped kitchens
  • • Self-catering
  • • High-speed wireless internet in each room and common area
  • • Laundry facilities on-site
  • • Central locations

Social Activities

Tamwood offers exciting experiences outside the classroom to help you discover Canada. Enjoy fun activities in and around Vancouver, Whistler and Toronto with your new friends from around the world. You’ll take part in social events, sports and activities, sightseeing, spectator sports, cultural experiences, shopping and dining.

Activities vary by campus and by week and may include:

  Board Games

   Day Trips

  Food & Fun



   Language Exchange

  Movie Nights


  Night Out

  Pub Crawls

   Festivals & Holidays




& Many More!

Students who want to improve their leadership skills can volunteer to become a Tamwood Ranger and help to lead Tamwood activities.