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My experience coming to Canada with Tamwood By: Zaida Rosario

My name is Zaida and I cam from Dominican Republic. I have been in Vancouver attending Tamwood Career’s Programs. I am in my Co-op term for my second program, Digital Marketing, now and really enjoying it!




I decided to come to Canada in 2019 and for me, it was the best choice to start a new journey in my life. I came to Vancouver, BC alone without having anyone in this country and I didn’t speak English very well, but I challenge myself to do my best and go come here to meet new people.


Coming as a student helped me to engage with other classmates and improve my English in a safe environment. Tamwood gave me the opportunity to do that, to start networking, and to forget my fear to achieve my dream of joining the Canadian Market. This college helps you learn how businesses work around here and other important skills that all good professionals should have.


With 2 years in Canada, 2 diplomas at Tamwood, International Business and Digital Marketing, I can say that my English is getting much better, I made good connections to increase my experience, I built an attractive curriculum and I made good friends!