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My experience in Canada during Pandemic: Story of Manuel

My experience in Canada during Pandemic: Story of Manuel

I arrived to Canada on January 30, 2020, and my first day of classes was February 3rd, 2020. When I came to Tamwood, the first person I met was Kim Feuchter (Campus Manager) and I was very nervous because I did not know how to speak English. I could understand some words but not speak it yet. In my first 2 months, I did not learn much English since I spoke with people who spoke Spanish. After the pandemic happened, I made a decision to suspend my classes for 6 months and returned to Tamwood in September to my classes of General English.



There were very few classmates but there was one in particular, his name is Kohei and he became my best friend. He was the first person I spoke to when I returned to Tamwood.


The first 4 months we were very few students, but as time went by, more students arrived and my skills improved since there was no one with whom I could speak Spanish.



By January 2021, I had made the decision to change to the pathway course and am having good times so far.


Studying in Canada is a great experience, I am learning a lot of English, improving my skills, and learning about many cultures, making friends and having fun at the same time that I am learning. At this moment I am preparing to study at a university here in Canada. Now I have friends from many parts of the world. I want to visit several countries and learn more about cultures like Japan, Korea, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and many more countries.


Now my English has improved a lot compared to how it was when I arrived, thanks to my teachers, classmates and friends, with whom I had fun learning and improving my skills.


Right now, I have 2 months left in Canada but I will return in September to start university, and I hope to continue learning, but the experiences I had at Tamwood will be something I will never forget.