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My Life During Pandemic in Canada at Tamwood

My Life During Pandemic in Canada at Tamwood

My name is Hitomi and I cam from Japan. I have been in Vancouver attending Tamwood General English program for about 4 months now. It has been a very fast and exciting four months for me.

During my first two weeks in Vancouver, I was in isolation and took online classes at Tamwood. It was easy to get back into the rhythm because I was able to take classes online. On the other hand, I had a very hard time with jet lag during the first week. However, I had daily health checkups with Yasu-san who is  Japanese care manager, and talking with him was always enjoyable for me.


I spent only five weeks in a homestay, after that I moved to a share house.

My host family was very kind, taught me a lot of English, and took me to various places on my days off. I still keep in touch with them!!!


As soon as the quarantine ended, I started looking for a shared house and a job. I thought it would be difficult to find it because of the COVID-19 situation, but it was much easier than I expected!

I’m currently working at a local café, so it’s an English environment. The English they speak is much faster than the teachers at school, and they use a lot of slang, so it is very difficult to understand them. However, when I ask them back, they explain very slowly and carefully. There is no one who is angry or irritating, and everyone talks to me friendly, so I enjoy working with them.



I learn so much every day at school. Not only English, but also talking with students from different countries, I can feel the difference in thinking and culture.

Especially after the class level was raised, I learned the importance of having my own opinion through presentations, debates, and discussions.

I have been feeling depressed and frustrated a lot because of the high speaking ability of the students around me, but that feeling makes push me up. Every day in the class is very fun and the teachers are all great!


I get along very well with my classmates and we are together most of the time even on holidays. We go camping, hiking, and enjoy the nature of Canada.

Since coming to Tamwood, I’ve made friends from so many different countries! And I can feel that my English has improved.

I want to study English more and enjoy my life in Canada!