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My Quarantine Experience and Advice to International Students Coming to Canada

Will my quarantine be considered one of the best experiences in my life? Honestly, 100% NO. Was it that bad? Not at all! Will I repeat it again? I will, without any hesitation at all, do it again if that means being able to travel again. 

I really hope this little text can help someone that is willing to do a certain trip to Canada but finds himself/herself hesitating about it, just of the simple idea of being isolated in a quarantine location for 14 days. Well, I should start by saying that I felt exactly the same, I must confess that the decision of travelling at this time was a very tough one to take, just for knowing I will be required to self isolate for 14 days on my way back to Canada. Despite all the uncertainty I had about whether to go to Mexico or not, I decided just to let my heart guide me, and when I realized it, I found myself already sat in a plane, flying to Cancun.

My trip back home was just beautiful, meeting my family after a long period of time, I must say, this time really had a price, and that price was “Quarantine”. Days before coming back to Canada I found myself really stress, sort of sad and afraid, thinking about being isolated in a hotel room was simply not an easy thought to process. Nevertheless, I must confess that it was 80% less hard than I imagined. At the end, I found myself even enjoying those moments I had just for me.

One of the essential factors I will suggest to anyone is designing a quarantine plan and look for a place where you will find yourself comfortable, in my case, I rather choose a hotel located in the downtown area. First because of all the facilities I had for possible deliveries I will need; second, the downtown view that I enjoyed so much, it really made a huge difference for me being able to look through the window and see all that life and movement happening outside, was in a certain mode, my way to keep connected with the external world. Third, the option of choosing a suite and not just a bedroom was crucial for me. I had my little apartment, which I transformed into my daily routine. My bedroom meant more than just sleeping, I had my kitchen for those special moments when I found myself enjoying the meals that I enjoyed so much, my desk where I just sat for work matters, and my living room for all my relaxing and leisure activities.

This last point is the one I will advise anyone about to pass through a quarantine experience. Please do not forget to create a daily routine! That will be going to keep you alive and will help the days go faster, you will feel productive and motivated. Try to create a comprehensive, complete and integral routine that fulfills all human aspects, from spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical. Also, use your time wisely, maybe to learn something new, a new language perhaps, I learnt Portuguese :). Take a book with you or more if you are a usual reader. Look for TV shows to watch and some light fitness equipment with you. Moreover, most important of all, get in touch daily with family or friends and never! never!! forget to be grateful, even from the most minimum detail of your day.

I hope this works, do not be afraid, or stress, sooner than you realize you will be already out enjoying the awesome life that Canada has waiting for you.

My best wishes,

From a friend that just ended her quarantine. Gisela Mejia – Student at Global Startup School