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My Vancouver Adventure

I arrived in Vancouver on July 2, 2016, the first person I met was Adriana Cavaleri. She is my homestay Mother. She is from Domanico, a province of Consenza in Italy. She enjoys gardening, reading, crossword puzzles, walking, and taking care of her small dog named “Bear”. I have had a warm and friendly stay at her house; I really enjoy being at home because she is very friendly and kind and she always cooks exquisite meals. Actually, I think I have put on weight lately. Moreover, I have learned a lot of things with her such as how to make tomato puree, how to preserved tomatoes, and how to pick figs.

During my stay in Vancouver, I have been practicing speaking English all the time due to spending time going to many places such as Lynn Canyon, Grouse Mountain, Whistler, Stanley Park, The Rocky Mountains, Deep Cove, and others with my classmates. All of those places are beautiful, but I would like to say that the most beautiful places I have seen in my adventure are Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, and Peito Lake. Those places are amazing and I never imagined being there.

In addition to this, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people from lots of countries such as Japan, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Korea, and Switzerland. I hope I did not forget one country. Therefore, Tamwood’s teachers are the best, they are always trying to help us to improve our English, they have recommended me practicing my pronunciation, especially my “J”, “Y” and “G” also some vowels especially when they are combined such as “ai” and “ei”. I think that I have learned a lot and I will never stop practicing English.

Also at Tamwood, I met the best English teacher I have ever had, her name is Lee Ann. She is my private teacher, so after class, I continue practicing and studying hard. I really appreciated her helping me to improve and also when I started to talk about everything she was interested in what I was saying. I am not pretending to say that my other Tamwood teachers are bad, but I think that with Lee Ann I feel confident because we have things in common such as our personality, therefore, I do not get nervous when I talk with her.

I want to come back to Vancouver on vacation with my family and my boyfriend, so I need to save a lot of money to come back and enjoy going everywhere with them. I would like to visit Adriana as well, I think she will be very happy to see me again. I will never stop thanking Adriana for everything she has done for me.

I hope to see at least some of my classmates again. I would like to go to Japan, Italy, and Germany but if someone else wants to go to Mexico I will look forward to meeting them. I will never forget spending my time in Vancouver.

Written by: Stephane Martínez


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