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Post-Pandemic: What Skills do Employees Need?

Are you tired of talking about the pandemic? So are we. That’s why we’re adopting a forward-facing approach to help you prepare for what comes next as you hit the job market. Whether you are gearing up for your first professional job or hoping to ditch your current gig to shift careers, we’ve got you. And there’s never been a better opportunity!


While everyone else remains in COVID-19 recovery mode, you can be ahead of the curve. Before April 2020, demand for digital skills was off the charts. Combine that with the massive adoption of working from home during COVID-19 and projections estimating that about a third of the workforce will work from home by the end of 2021, digital skills are in massively high demand.



Advanced digital skills include understanding data concepts, advanced analytics, data visualization, and more. These don’t exactly come naturally to us, which is why Tamwood offers a fleet of innovative programs that teach you the digital skills you need to succeed post-pandemic. We offer:





Digital marketing


In our digital marketing program, you’ll learn all things social media, SEO, content marketing, web analytics, and more. You’ll be hard pressed to find a modern company who doesn’t need a digital marketer on their team! Graduate with confidence that you’ll hit the job market with in-demand skills.


UX/UI design


As more companies shift permanently online, they’ll need lots of help designing their digital interfaces. Why not kickstart your UI design career with our co-op program? You’ll graduate with 480 hours of work experience, making you practically irresistible to recruiters.


If you’re more inclined towards the UX design program, skills in high demand include the ability to develop wireframes and act as an information architect. The more online a company becomes, the more there is to structure and interpret. That’s where you come in, and our program will prepare you for it perfectly.


Web development


Every company needs a functional website, which means that they need a talented web developer. Why shouldn’t it be you! You’ll graduate from our program proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more, so you’ll be ready to code anything that comes your way. Your versatility will be a major asset once job hunting.


Right now, you have a unique opportunity to upskill as the job market undergoes a massive shift towards digital business. The end of COVID-19 coincides with the beginning of unprecedented demand for digital skills. Will you take advantage of this opportunity?


Let’s get started! Visit us to learn more about our programs or reach out here with questions.