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Canada Is the Most Desirable Place to Live on Earth!

Want to work and study abroad? why not choosing the most desirable place to live on earth?

New data from Remitly has demonstrated that Canada is the most popular destination for people looking to move overseas- and by a long shot. With sky high safety ratings, impressively low unemployment rates and a scenic backdrop to boot, it’s not surprising that so many people want to live in Canada. For students, the temptation is even stronger.

Studying in Canada is rife with benefits. The country adheres to high education standards but maintains a reasonable price tag (unlike their Southern counterparts). In addition, employment prospects post-graduation are promising in a variety of industries, especially tech. Truly, Canada is a student’s dream!


Truly, Canada’s technology market is growing every day and building a reputation as one of the world’s top technology hubs. The industry is growing so fast that companies are running out of talent and actively recruiting as many tech experts as possible to move up north to work with them. If you’re looking to make a career shift, this is an opportunity that can’t be missed!


Armed with Tamwood’s hiring fairs, skills workshops, and connections to Canadian companies, it’s simple to find work. On average, our students make $15-18 CAD an hour, which goes a long way in covering your living expenses. It’s not difficult to make a sustainable living in Canada and enjoy a wonderful quality of life while you work. We help make sure of that for each of our students.


Of course, immigrating to a new country often comes with learning a new language. The best student programs offer English language training to help you acclimate quickly and gain a grasp of the language. Tamwood is an accredited member of Languages Canada offers a fleet of English language programming to give you a top-notch English education quickly, inexpensively, and most importantly, effectively.


Some people wish to study (or work) in Canada but worry about the financial toll of moving overseas and securing income in a new city. If this sounds like your situation, know that there are programs dedicated to helping you study sustainably, meaning you actually make money as you train for your dream career. For example, Tamwood offers industry-specific programs that are designed to be compatible with Canadian study permits so you can work and study.


Want to work and study as a student in Canada? Here are some programs that might interest you:


You heard the scientists: Canada is the most desirable place to live on Earth. What are you waiting for? It’s time to cross the ocean and launch your dream career. Whether that begins with English language training or industry-specific courses, Tamwood will be here to welcome you with open arms.