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Sponsorship story of Carlo, graduate student of the Tamwood Food & Beverage Program

Sponsorship story of Carlo, graduate student of the Tamwood Food & Beverage Program

Read about success story of Carlo, who received the sponsorship to stay in Canada and apply for a Permanent residency application!


Hi, I’m Carlo from the Philippines.

I graduated in Hospitality management back home. I believed that gaining international experience would help to expand my knowledge and enhance my skills and since I was really into this industry, I decided to take a FB program. I was right – with this program I was able to have a Canadian education that would prepare me to work in my professional career.

The campus location helped me to decide to take this program. When I did my research and saw the town, I told myself that I wanted to live there and I had already fallen in love with this place! There are plenty of activities to do and places to explore like incredible mountains, forests, and lakes.

I couldn’t imagine I would do all those things while I’m studying here, plus taking advantage of living near one of the largest ski resorts in North America. I had the chance to learn one of their extreme sports and had so much fun every time I went skiing with my friends. I can say it’s one of my best experiences here in Canada!

I did my co-op in Sewak’s Independent store here in Whistler. I was on my work term when my manager told me that they are planning to sponsor me. I replied immediately and told him that I would appreciate it if they would do that because I want to stay here in Canada. Considering that I have worked part-time as a meat clerk since the time I was in my study term, and I don’t see any problem in the workplace, I’m happy and comfortable working for them.

A week later, the owner of the store together with my manager in the meat department told me that they had decided to sponsor me as the butcher supervisor of the store! They started processing the application for my working permit through LMIA and provided a company lawyer to take care of my papers. Even before my program ended, I received an approval letter from the IRCC that granted me a 3-year work permit. I can’t express how grateful I am to have been allowed to stay here longer. I am truly excited about what will happen in my life here.
My goal is to get my Permanent Residency here in Canada and to become successful in my chosen career. I know it wasn’t easy but I’ll do my best to achieve those goals for myself and for my family that always believes in me.