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Sponsorship Story of Evelyn, graduate student of the Tamwood Food & Beverage Program

Read about success story of Evelyn, who received the sponsorship to stay in Canada and apply for a Permanent residency application!



Hi, my name is Evelyn Gonzalez, I’m from Mexico and I’m 29 years old.

I chose the F&B program because the subjects it contained caught my attention. In my professional point of view they are the most important to be able to start a business tomorrow.

I studied culinary arts in Mexico for 4 and a half years and I can say that this program was a summary of what I learned in Mexico and my great challenge was to learn all the terms in English.

I think this program is very well designed for all foreign students, even if you don’t have any experience in it, the best part is that you get certifications in each module and that makes it easier to get a better job inside or outside of Canada.

I started my Co-op in Whistler at the Hilton Hotel in the pastry area, but due to the pandemic I had to change to another job which was in an Australian company called Peaked Pies.

I can say that it has been one of the best experiences of my life. It was a totally different way of working because I used to work only in hotels and to my surprise I realized that there was a kind of family and fun atmosphere, so I decided to stay there until I finished my Co-op.

At the end of my Co-op they proposed to give me sponsorship, which was not in my plans at all but I decided to take it for two important points:

The first was because I would like to continue learning from them but now in a different city which is in Vancouver,  it’s a new store located in Burnaby which is an industrial kitchen with much more capacity to produce pies and desserts and in which I can learn in a practical and administrative way.

And the second one because I would like to have my permanent residence in Canada, I believe that it is a multicultural place where I feel safe, and where I can have a good quality of life.

They offered me the position as a pastry cook for a period of one year with the possibility that after that year I could apply for residency.

One of my duties will be training new cooks and other kitchen staff, coordinating, overseeing and supervising kitchen staff and operations and of course preparing and baking  pies, pie fillings and accompaniments, desserts, dough, and another items required for the store and wholesale business.

I firmly believe that the success that I had in Whistler is thanks to my instructor Marie- Christine Boulet who taught the F&B program! Every day she put all her energy and time to each one of us, teaching us and sharing her experience and giving advice from where and how to get a good job, I am very grateful for it.