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Student Testimonial: Jairo Caicedo, a Colombian entrepreneur graduate!


Who are you and what is your Business about? 

My name is Jairo Caicedo. I am a Colombian entrepreneur, and I launched my startup business here at Tamwood’s Global Startup School.


Indoor Properties is a Proptech early-stage platform design and developed to maximize the capacity of the Sellers and Real Estate Agents to show in 360° and promote their properties directly on Google Maps & Street View.


Why did you decide to take the Global Startup School program?

I decided to launch my startup business at the Global Startup School because the program covers all the steps of business development. From the need-finding and ideation process to the market validation and scaling strategy.


Why Tamwood Careers?

The location of Tamwood Careers in the middle of Downtown Vancouver adds a lot of value to the international student’s experience and helps the entrepreneurs to be closer to where businesses are done.


What is the main differentiator of GSS compared with other programs? 

The main differentiator of the program is the networking events and the connection of the school with the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of Vancouver.


How the networking events help you to launch your business?

In my particular case, been invited to the last year’s VR/AR Global Summit here in Vancouver was an opportunity to have access to the cutting-edge technologies in the industry and be aware of the trendings to keep innovating in my business.


What was your biggest challenge during the program?


One of the most memorable and at the same time challenging moments of the program was the presentation of the company at one of the Volition pitch night events. These kinds of events are the best spaces to share your business idea and receive real feedback from the audience, guest panelists, and real investors.