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Why Native Speakers of English Should Study for the IELTS

Did you know that a native speaker of English seeking permanent residence in Canada is required to take and pass the IELTS Exam? As well,  did you know that if you are an international student, even if you speak and write English at the same level as a native speaker if wish to enter a Canadian university you still need to pass an IELTS Exam?

Tamwood has developed a series of workshops to address weaknesses shown by native speakers of English on the IELTS Exam and to provide professional tips and techniques for achieving the highest score possible.

Get ready to succeed at the IELTS Exam while increasing your possibilities to qualify for Permanent Residence (PR) and admission to post-secondary institutions in Canada.

Join the Tamwood IELTS Boot Camp for Success: Four 90- minute workshops plus optional weekly formal graded Mock Tests.

For further information, please download our flyer or contact us.