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Studying in Canada during a Pandemic – an International Student’s Experience

My experience at Tamwood as student was unforgettable. More than a college, Tamwood is a family and the staff is very approachable and kind. I had the opportunity to meet people from all around the world. Taking classes in this kind of environment allowed me to learn more about culture and how people think with different perspectives depending where they came from while I was improving my English communication skills.


It might sound perfect, just like a fairytale, but the truth is that I arrived just right before Covid-19 pandemic started here in Canada. Nobody knew how much our life was about to be  impacted and how hard it would become, especially as a student with no family or friends in Canada.  I had no job opportunities because of a massive lockdown, and being scared about what was going to happen the next day, made me think that I wouldn’t survive emotionally and financially. However through this darkness, we (my classmates and I) survived. Taking classes at Tamwood everyday became the only way we had to keep sane, active and focused, and through this we thrived and got to the light.

It was not easy but we were not alone in this, we had support from Tamwood staff, making sure that we get the help we needed.  Teachers created an amazing experience by being creative with the classes. Tamwood staff provide us different online activities such like workshops, games, parties etc… We knew it was very difficult for them putting together all our classes and activities on an online platform from scratch, allowing us to continue taking classes almost like normal.


Today I can say that I became stronger, more passionate and eager to enjoy every moment and that the only limit to thrive in any hard situation, is yourself.


Hoara Vicioso

Student at International Business & Management

Tamwood Vancouver Campus