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My arrival at Tamwood College in Vancouver: When you decide to leave your country to spend a year abroad, a lot of feelings, doubts and questions come to your mind: “Is this the right decision?” - “What if I do something wrong?” - “Will I be okay?” Honestly, I shouldn’t have worried this much! It was the best experience that I could ever have, although my arrival in Vancouver was a little bit chaotic, but thinking about it now, also funny.   On August 11 2018, I was ready to start my adventure. I

Choosing the next institution to continue your educational journey is exciting! But, for some students, it can also be quite daunting- after all, it’s an important decision. To help in your search, we’ve demystified one of the most crucial steps in this process: whether to attend a public or private college. If you’re currently trying to determine whether public or private college is right for you, we’ve got just the article to help you out. In our opinion, there are four key elements to consider in your decision: learning environment, tuition,

As we learned last time in our “Top 4 Reasons to Attend a Camp in Canada” post, camps are more than just fun and games. Your child will benefit immensely from the experience of a language camp in Canada. Moreover, when you decide about the destination and course for your child to attend during their next summer break, consider a camp that offers unique topics and experiences. This way, your kid will not only make memories to last a life-time, yet also gain a definite advantage compared to their peers –

As one of the best countries in the world, Canada attracts thousands of international students every year. With the opportunity to experience the hustle and bustle of Vancouver’s booming tech industry, or the beautiful wildlife in a small town on the East Coast, there’s a place here for everybody. There’s only one thing standing in your way? Obtaining a student visa (also known as a study permit).   You might be groaning at the thought of doing paperwork, but Canada has taken steps to streamline the study permit application process so it’s

Is a Co-op Program Worth it? You have made the decision to study at a college or university in Canada and now you are deciding what program to take. You have seen that most Canadian universities and colleges offer cooperative / co-op education programs but you don’t know if it’s worth the investment of extra money and time to do a co-op work placement as part of your program.  Maybe you are questioning why do we need to study in a cooperative education program, what kind of job will you get

Studying at Tamwood in Whistler was a life-changing experience for me because I could connect with people from countries I never thought I would know. Whistler Resort was the perfect place for me to take the Essentials in Hospitality, Service and Tourism Co-op Diploma because Whistler is one of the most popular tourism destination in British Columbia, there are many renown hotels ready to hire you for your Co-Op practice and its beautiful landscapes proves that the sustainable tourism is a must in this city.   At first, one the biggest challenges I

Want to work and study abroad? why not choosing the most desirable place to live on earth? New data from Remitly has demonstrated that Canada is the most popular destination for people looking to move overseas- and by a long shot. With sky high safety ratings, impressively low unemployment rates and a scenic backdrop to boot, it’s not surprising that so many people want to live in Canada. For students, the temptation is even stronger. Studying in Canada is rife with benefits. The country adheres to high education standards but