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Tamwood: Your Home Away from Home

Whether this is your first time venturing out into the world or you are already an experienced traveler, this is a big adventure that awaits you! Naturally, you feel excited about this step, but also a bit nervous. Will I understand the language? Where will I live? Will I make friends easily?

Although, you are looking for an experience in a foreign culture and country, you still want to feel so comfortable that Canada becomes your temporary home. When choosing Tamwood College as your study and work abroad destination, you will be sure to receive a support system, which makes the process easy and fun.

Meet our international Tamwood Team pre-arrival and on campus. They are travel and education experts, who can support you in all major languages and most notably, some were students at Tamwood and many of them were also newcomers to Canada at some point. This means, they know exactly how you feel!

Joining Tamwood, means becoming part of a community, which is not only supportive, but also international and cross-cultural. Make friends from around the world and create a network that helps you navigate life in Canada – if you are in need of a roommate, job contacts or simply someone who will come along for a hike or to try the pub around the corner.

Furthermore, take full advantage of our centrally located campuses in Vancouver, Toronto and Whistler, which make it convenient to explore your new surroundings and at the same time, provide a comfortable refuge from the day-to-day buzz of a big and foreign city.

Lastly, after a day full of new information, new impressions and new friends, you can retire to your new home to relax and connect with your family and friends in your home country. Choose a carefully selected and screened homestay if you want to experience life in a Canadian family or a popular student residence organized by Tamwood.

Because we know that it’s essential to have some me-time, a delicious meal and a good night’s sleep to be ready for the next day of adventure in your Canadian home away from home.


At Tamwood, we want to provide you with a work and study experience that is individual, personal and supportive. Whether your stay in Canada is for a fixed time or you can’t imagine leaving North America again once you have tasted poutine, witnessed the friendliness of the Canadian people and discovered the stunning natural beauty of this country… We want to make sure that you graduate from Tamwood with amazing memories and exciting stories to tell!



Meet Tamwood’s “Emotional Support Assistant” Johnny

Having been born in an animal shelter in Los Angeles, Johnny constantly had to fight for attention and snackies, and being easily overlooked didn’t help. But Johnny always had a sense of adventure and knew that another life was waiting for him north of the border. When he was adopted by Tamwood’s Co-President and Founder Tamsin Plaxton, at first, he was shy and skeptical of all these strange humans coming and going at Tamwood. Yet over time, he learned that clumsy giants could be friends… especially if they came with peace offerings in form of yummy treats. Nowadays, the first point on Johnny’s agenda is always to say hi to everyone, to make sure that no food is wasted and that every student and staff alike feels welcome at Tamwood. In honor of his achievements, Tamwood appointed him the official “Emotional Support Assistant”.

Read up on Johnny’s qualifications here and stay tuned to find out more about Johnny’s big brother Finnegan.