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Tamwood News – Border Reopening

It’s December in Canada and that means it’s getting cold outside. But here at Tamwood things are really heating up now that the borders are open. And today the topic is about the border reopening and what that means for you.

On October 20th the Canadian government announced that the borders are now open for international students going to approved institutions on a study permit Tamwood was the only private career college in Ontario and one of only a few colleges in British Columbia to be approved as of October 20th to receive international students.

The impact of this decision is that students are now able to book and study with Tamwood in Toronto, Vancouver and Whistler and we’re seeing the impact of that with our enrollments going up. We recommend that you apply now in December, if you’re planning to come in 2021. We’ll provide you with all the documents you need to get your visa to come to Canada.