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  /  Program Head – Gabriela Kurtz
Program Head – Gabriela Kurtz

Related work experience:
I am a Multidisciplinary professional with 10 years of experience in teaching, academia, design, digital marketing and game research. I have extensive knowledge in Digital Marketing, Advertising and Branding Strategy, having worked as Marketing Manager in the Software field and coordinating the communications at the Entrepreneurship Lab at Pontifical Catholic University in the South of Brazil. I was always passionate about teaching. I started as an ESL teacher when I was in University and later on I became a professor in higher education in the Advertising course at PUCRS in Brazil.

Why do you recommend it?
I recommend Tamwood because I was a student myself – two times already! When I was fifteen, I went to Tamwood Camps in Whistler to study English. Fifteen years later, when I moved to Canada I choose the school again to study UX. I had a great time and learned a lot both times – I believe the quality of the teachers and the school are top notch and that’s why when I had the chance to work here, I had no doubts.