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The Top 8 High-Paid Technology Jobs in Canada

The Canadian technology sector is absolutely thriving right now, so if you’ve been looking for a sign to launch a tech career, this is it. Undeniably, technology is the future. The best part? Employers are compensating accordingly. The average tech worker makes well over $100,000, certainly qualifying as a high-pay job in Canada.


Selecting your future career is always a daunting decision, but there is undeniable comfort to be found in choosing the technology industry. There’s quite the variety of employment options, clear ongoing demand for your skills, and competitive compensation. Tamwood’s Pathway Program understands this and aims to prepare you to enter the world of tech and secure your dream job.


The Tamwood Pathway Program enables students to begin their journey with an Academic English Preparation course, hosted in Canada. Not only does this course help you improve your language skills, but it aims to prepare you to communicate effectively in professional settings. Our Academic Pathway Program is aligned with the top high-paid technology jobs in Canada, including:

  1. Developer/Programmer: Coding and programming skills have been in consistently high demand with no end in sight. Employers are primarily seeking professionals with Java, Python, and .net proficiency.
  2. IT Project Manager: Project managers in the IT sector have one of the highest salaries in the technology industry, consistently earning six-digits. It may take some time to work up to this title, but it’s worth it!
  3. Quality Assistance Analyst: Every company needs a quality assurance analyst to fix bugs and ensure all software runs according to plan.
  4. Data Analyst: Businesses are always collecting data on their customers but require talented data analysts to make sense of it all. They’re willing to pay you a premium.
  5. IT Business Analyst: As a business analyst, you optimize your company’s software for maximum efficiency.
  6. Senior Software Engineer: After breaking into the market as a developer/programmer, you can rise through the ranks to become a senior software engineer and earn an impressive salary.
  7. Network Administrator: As a manager of internal and external network equipment, your skills as a network administrator are in high demand during the transition to online service delivery.
  8. Technical Support Specialist: Technology doesn’t always work like we’d like it to, so support specialists are in high demand to help resolve issues for companies and their clients.

These careers are skyrocketing in demand due to the expansion of mobile internet, cloud technology, processing power, 3D printing, artificial technology, and big data. As you consider your Pathway program in Canada, remember that the technology sector is thriving. Capitalize on this trend!


In addition, while you’re here at our English Pathway Program, you have the opportunity to visit different schools and connect with local employers. Once you’ve built relationships in the technology sector, you can have your pick when it comes to what company you’d like to work for.


Another reason why students choose Tamwood’s University Pathway Program is because of their partnerships with high-quality colleges that offer technology-specific career programs. We’ll not only teach you the language you need to communicate in the technology industry, but we’ll also place you on the fast-track to gain skills and secure employment! The majority of our graduates secure employment within 6 months of graduation, however, we offer flexibility for you to work as you complete your studies. Start your Pathway to success with Tamwood today!

What our student, Alex says about Tamwood Pathway Program?

“I liked Pathway program, because it is very useful for future studies at the college and the course is well explained by a professional teacher. I chose Tamwood Pathway program, because it was the most attractive option.”

Alex, EAP 194 class

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