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Toronto’s Campus Feels Like Home

Blog - Feels Like HomeTime is passing so fast and that’s because I’m having a really good time here. Even if Toronto is a huge city in my eyes, I’ve never felt lost. People here are so friendly and helpful. And I’m so happy that I chose Toronto and Tamwood because it’s felt a little bit like home the first day I arrived here.

I like the atmosphere when I enter school in the mornings.  Some students are already in the classroom, but most of them are sitting on one of the sofas at the entrance area and are relaxing before class.  It is definitely an advantage that the school is on the 12th floor because the view out the big windows in the classrooms over the city is stunning.  But the best thing, in my opinion, is that because the school is not really very big, there are not loads of students.  I know almost everyone.  And I have the feeling that we are like one big family.

Written By: Nina Kagi