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Why YOU will benefit from taking a Co-op program in Canada

Is a Co-op Program Worth it?

You have made the decision to study at a college or university in Canada and now you are deciding what program to take. You have seen that most Canadian universities and colleges offer cooperative / co-op education programs but you don’t know if it’s worth the investment of extra money and time to do a co-op work placement as part of your program.  Maybe you are questioning why do we need to study in a cooperative education program, what kind of job will you get in a co-op program and will you get a paid job… Given the extra costs, it’s natural to question what the benefits are of a co-op program.  It’s about standing out from the crowd, exploring your chosen career field before locking in and making money while you develop and hone your skills.

Did you know that every year, hordes of graduating classes enter the job market to work in Canada? Considering that over 2 million students enroll in a post-secondary institution in Canada each year, we’re talking thousands of students in the same program as you competing for the same jobs. How in the world are you supposed to stand out?

The answer is simpler than you think: join a Co-op program! By gaining a Co-op diploma, you graduate with the credentials that everyone has, with one key distinction: you also get the oh-so-valuable work experience that few students have under their belts post-graduation. Relevant work experience is a highly desirable trait for hiring companies, as this allows them to keep training costs down and have you operate as a full-fledged employee much faster than the average student.


The best part of Taking a co-op program? Doing a Co-op program in Canada allows you to explore every corner of your dream job- the good and bad -which allows you to make an informed decision before locking into your first “real contract”. With exposure to a real-life work environment and all the tasks and responsibilities that come along with it, you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for in an employer. You’ll also enter the market with the ability to take your pick of positions thanks to your work experience- a privilege your fellow graduates will envy!

In Canada, co-op jobs are usually paid and can be up to 50% of the total program duration (in hours). While it is not to be expected, some co-op employers will make job offers for permanent employment to their best co-op students. For international students, such job offers can be helpful in their application for permanent residency in Canada, should they wish to pursue Canadian immigration.

In school, you work hard year-round to learn theory and concepts in your field, but rarely are you given the opportunity to apply these skills. Co-op programs bridge the gap. You put your expert skills to work and learn how to perfect them in a real work environment. Of course, your Co-op program experience will only be as good as the institution you select. Connections are everything when it comes to placing you in the best possible career match.


At Tamwood, we offer several esteemed work-study programs that will teach you the skills you need to launch your career- and then actually help you kickstart your work experience with a Co-op placement with one of our partners. In fact, we do more than just match our students with key industry opportunities, we can also help them secure a paycheck while doing so. Get paid to complete your education and gain work experience at the same time? Sign me up! Here are the work-study programs currently offered by Tamwood:


If you’ve dreamed of working in Canada and want to maximize your odds of getting hired in your dream job, a Co-op program may be the perfect opportunity for you. Tamwood offers several Co-op programs based out of Vancouver, Whistler and Toronto. Contact us today to learn how to launch your career!