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Work in Canada as a Mexican

Work in Canada for Foreigners

You want to live and work in Canada, but where do you start? How do you get from where you are now, to being gainfully employed in the 2nd largest (geographically) country on Earth?

Well, the simple answer is, you start by understanding what options are available to you when it comes to working in Canada as a Mexican. So, let’s go over three distinct paths that can allow you to start your journey to move to Canada.

1. Work in Canada for Foreigners as a Temporary Worker

One option available to you if you want a job in Canada, is to apply to become a temporary worker with either an employer-specific work permit or an open work permit. In Canada, the agricultural industry (for example) employs roughly 24,000 temporary Mexican workers each year.

However, this is not a great option if you want to come to Canada, become a permanent resident and eventually a citizen. The reason being that Canada (as opposed to the United States) tends to favour highly skilled, educated people for permanent residency. In fact, more than half of all working Mexican residents in Canada have a university degree, while almost 75% have some post-secondary education.

This is why most Mexican temporary workers don’t receive permanent residency status.

2. The Family Reunification Path to Residency

If you’re interested in citizenship, and immigration to Canada is your goal, it’s important to know that, different from the United States, Canada prioritizes economic migration streams over family.

Around 60% of new permanent residents in Canada are chosen based on education and work experience, and Canada also has a very narrow definition for which family members can be sponsored (siblings and adult children don’t normally qualify).

As such, seeking the family path to meet the Visa requirement for Mexican emmigration would not be the ideal choice, even if you’re a temporary foreign worker.

Work in Canada as a Mexican

3) Becoming an International Student to find Work in Canada, from Mexico

For many people who say “I want to work in Canada”, this path is often very attractive when it comes to achieving work in Canada for Spanish speakers. In order to receive a Canadian study permit) it is required that you:

  • Are enrolled at a designated learning institution (DLI), like Tamwood College
  • Prove you have enough money to pay for:
    • Tuition fees
    • Living expenses
    • Return transportation
  • Obey the law
  • Are in good health
  • Prove to an officer you will leave Canada when your study permit expires (you have the option of reapplying to further your education)

Canada’s entire philosophy around attracting foreigners to become Canadian citizens is centred around having more skilled workers as part of the country’s workforce. That’s why the pathway of becoming an international student (with the ultimate goal of being able to live and work in Canada) is such a viable option.

What do I Need to Work in Canada?

Well, that’s the great thing about becoming an international student at a college like Tamwood, especially. As long as:

  • You’re a full-time student at a DLI
  • You’re enrolled in
    • A post-secondary academic, vocational or professional training program
  • Your study program
    • Is at least 6 months long and
    • Leads to a degree, diploma or certificate
  • You’ve started studying
  • You have a social insurance number

Then you can work off-campus, in Canada, for a maximum of 20 hours a week during the semester, and full-time during breaks.

How to get a Work Permit in Canada after Graduating from an International College like Tamwood

While we don’t help you directly with immigration or obtaining a permanent residence status, what we do help with is your journey to become a skilled worker via our career and education programs.

Once you complete your course of study and graduate from Tamwood (many students are able to work in their field of study during their courses through our co-op program) you have the option of transferring the credits you’ve already earned to a public Canadian college or university.

At Tamwood we enjoy pre-negotiated articulation agreements with many Canadian institutions (and we can help with those applications specifically), and afterwards you can apply for a Post-Grad Work Permit which gives you the right to work for a year in Canada.

Under this new permit, and if you’ve abided by all the stipulations required, you can be eligible to apply for permanent residency under the Express Entry stream.

Why Choose Tamwood?

Quite simply, with Tamwood’s Work and Study programs you’ll gain work experience in Canada, make strategic connections in your industry, and develop skills to enhance your resume and launch your career. You’ll be taught by instructors and guest speakers with real-world knowledge.

No matter which Tamwood program you’re in, you’ll be able to work up to 20-hours per week in your co-op term, while studying, meaning you’ll earn money to help cover your living expenses.

Plus, Tamwood Careers offers workshops, hiring fairs, tools and support to help you find work fast. In fact, most students at Tamwood find jobs in hospitality, retail and tourism right away and make $15-$18 per hour.

We offer programs that teach skills that are in-demand today in Canada’s job marketplace. Skills like:

All the various programs at Tamwood Careers are designed for students to enter the industry a step above the competition. Industry experts are consulted frequently and contribute to the design of the programs and ensure students are being trained in the job skills today’s employers are looking for.

Tamwood can be the first step towards your journey to work in Canada as a Mexican. Contact us today to see if you qualify for enrolment and a new life in Canada.