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Working while Studying in Canada ( You can work up 20 hours/week with your study permit)

Are you Considering working and Studying in Canada? Did you know that in 2019 alone, Canada welcomed over 640,000 international students? Students from all over the world are attracted to studying in Canada for its world class educational institutions, competitive tuition costs, and perhaps most of all, excellent employment prospects both during and post-graduation.


As an international student studying in Canada, you have the unique opportunity to work part-time as you learn, or, to gain work experience through a co-op program. Working can be very helpful in making schooling more affordable, in addition to helping you gain valuable work experience. Keep in mind, however, that all Canadian international students are capped at 20 hours per week of part-time work to ensure that they’re able to devote enough time to their studies. (20 hours while studying and 40 hours during breaks and holidays)


When it comes to part-time work, some students choose to work on campus (e.g., for a student organization, for an on-campus gym or restaurant, etc.). However, one of the perks of having a study permit is that you can choose to work for any employer! Typically, students earn around $15-18 per hour, which is over $300 per week, although earnings are industry and job dependent. Regardless, the ability to earn a paycheck can go a long way towards covering your living expenses and tuition.


There are plenty of jobs available in the service industry if you’d like to work in cafes, bars, or restaurants, however, the technology sector is absolutely thriving right now in Canada. With demand for workers in digital marketing, UX/UI design, and web development skyrocketing, you have an opportunity to study tech-related skills, earn relevant work experience, and ultimately, transition to full-time work upon graduation. After that, you’re head and shoulders above your peers on the job market, and that much closer to landing your dream job!


If you’ve been considering entering the high-tech industry, we recommend looking into Tamwood’s work and study programs:

  • >Digital Marketing: Learn how to select the ideal marketing channels, produce tailored content, grow target audiences, and more using key marketing tools and strategies.
  • UX Design Professional: Choose this program to prepare for a career as a UX Designer, Information Architect, Design Researcher, or Interaction Designer.
  • UI Design Professional: Gain practical skills, tools, and techniques employed by UI Designers, Web Designers, Creative Directors, Interactive Designers, and more!


All work-study programs at Tamwood, a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI), have a built-in a 480-hour cooperative term where you’re paired with a company to learn how to apply your skills in the real world. However, these programs are also offered full-time, so you can choose to work part-time on the side if you like. Either way, you’ll make key career connections that will serve you throughout your future work!


Note that Tamwood offers additional full-time and work study programs not listed here. We invite you to browse our program catalog to learn more!

Want to learn more about Tamwood and our Work Study Programs, we invite you to contact us today! You can call us toll-free or send us an email via our >Contact Form.