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Transcripts & Documents

Official transcripts must be submitted as PDF files when you complete your online application. Please include the front and back of every page. Do not include blank pages. Tamwood reserves the right to request the original official transcripts at any time.

All transcripts must clearly state the institution’s name and address.

What is an official transcript?

An official transcript:

• Bears the original signature, seal, or stamp of the issuing institution, or
• Is issued on institute security paper, or
• Bears an official notary stamp and/or seal

Submit transcripts to prove that you meet all academic entrance requirements for your program.

Transcripts may include one or more of the following:

• Official post-secondary transcript
• Mid-term or annual report card

Transcripts from outside of Canada

If your transcript is written in a language that does not use Latin characters, you must submit an official translation of the original official transcript from a certified translator. English translation costs are the applicant’s responsibility. Tamwood Careers reserves the right to request the original official transcripts at any time.

Tips for preparing PDF files

Preparing your documents is an important step in the application process. Below are a few key points to take into account when preparing.

• Submit one PDF file for each of your documents
• Scan the front and back of each page of your official documents
Maximum file size: 2 MB

Scanning print documents using a commercial photocopier or scanner

The easiest way to convert your documents to PDFs is to use a photocopier or commercial scanner. Any commercial copy centre should be able to help you scan and convert your documents to PDF files for a small fee.

Scanning print documents using a home scanner

You can also use a home scanner to copy your documents. Because the file upload size is limited to 2MB per file, you’ll need to adjust the scanner settings to create low resolution, black and white files. Once your document is scanned, you’ll need to save it as a PDF for submitting it with your application. Refer to your specific scanner’s manual or online help for detailed instructions on how to adjust scanner settings. Remember to include all pages of the document in a single file.

Converting Word documents

If you need to convert a Word document to a PDF file, refer to Microsoft’s online help, or search for one of the many online sources of information available for your specific software version.

Converting Emails to PDF documents

To submit contents of an email with your application, the email must be converted to PDF. In most email providers, you will be given the option to “Print” the email. Select this option and instead of printing to a real printer, you can change your settings to “Print to PDF”. If this option is not available, the email can be printed onto paper, and the document can be scanned as described above.

Submitting fillable PDF documents

Some programs require you to download and complete fillable PDF forms and submit them with your application. For consistent results, we recommend the following steps:

1. Save the PDF to your desktop,
2. Open the PDF with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat,
3. Complete all required fields,
4. Save,
5. Close the PDF then re-open to ensure the content you filled in has saved, and
6. Submit to Tamwood