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In addition to your learning progress, your well-being at Tamwood is our main concern – whether it is academically, physically, or mentally. We want to make sure that you have a great time in Canada and that you achieve all the goals you have set before your departure and throughout your course.

Below you’ll find the measures in place to ensure that your experience at Tamwood is productive, just as it is enjoyable.


We are the experts
You have decided to go to Canada to further your academic and professional career – congratulations on this great choice! But you are probably still unsure about where to start your planning. Don’t worry, our Tamwood consultants are here for you with their expertise. Together, you will figure out your best course options and create a path to a successful future in Canada and abroad! We have consultants available to talk to you in most major languages.

Tamwood Ambassadors
Are you still unsure about which course or even location to pick? Our Tamwood graduates are happy to tell you more about their experience at Tamwood to make your choice easier. Click here, for more information.

On Arrival

On your first day at school, you will be welcomed by our Tamwood staff and take part in our orientation. Our Campus Manager will provide you with more information about your classes, social activities, and tips and tricks on life in Canada. We will make sure that you have all the necessary documents and you are ready to start your program.

As part of our Career and Working Holiday Programs, you are also invited to attend the “Living and Working in Canada” orientation, which will prepare you for day to day issues and your working life in Canada. Additionally, we offer three job workshops, which assist you in your job search.

Tamwood Ambassadors
Our Tamwood Alumni will welcome you to the school, help you navigate the campus, and introduce you to staff and the different departments.

Due to the situation surrounding COVID-19, you currently have to quarantine for 14 days when arriving from outside of Canada. Tamwood offers transfer services from the airport, as well as special Quarantine Packages, which combine accommodation (homestay, hotel, or residence) and meals for your 14 days of self-isolation. During this time, you will have a personal Student Care Manager, who checks in with you daily and makes sure that you are well, both physically and mentally.

During Your Program

Academic Counseling
During your program, your work will be graded on a regular basis. If you feel like you need any assistance or your teacher has concerns about your progress, you can talk to our Business Program Manager or Campus Manager about your issues. We also offer additional tests to potentially improve your marks.

Personal Coaching
If you study at Tamwood for more than 4 weeks, you can use our free personal coaching service. A teacher will work with you 1-on-1 to focus on your goals and help make a plan to achieve them through practice and exercises that you can do outside of class.

Private tutoring is also available if you want to work on your English skills in a more personalized setting.

Job Counseling
As a Career student and Working Holiday participant, you are invited to join our “Living and Working in Canada” orientation and three job workshops upon arrival. Our Student Services Coordinator will look at your resume and assist you in finding a job for your co-op term, if needed. Tamwood also has a cooperation with various companies, which are open to hiring international students and workers for their open job positions.

Social Activities
It is essential that you are happy with your life in Canada on and off-campus. Therefore, Tamwood offers social activities that let you explore your area, bring you tons of fun, and connect you with other international students. Our Tamwood Rangers will join the activities and make sure that it’s a great experience for everyone!

In accordance with Provincial Health Authorities, Tamwood has implemented and communicated a COVID-19 safety plan. This includes training staff on risk management and protocols, enhanced cleaning schedules, controls at all entry points, providing hand sanitizers and physical distancing measurements like traffic patterns, class, and common room occupancy limits, and redesigned working and learning spaces.

If you have any concerns about these measures, please feel free to talk to your teacher or a designated Tamwood staff member.

After Graduation

Academic and ESL Pathways
Tamwood opens doors and helps you find the right path for your academic and professional career. Our Pathways programs are specifically designed to improve your academic English skills and give you the opportunity to earn transferable credits to gain admission to a North American college or University.

Our Pathways Program Manager is available for a personal consultation to find the most suitable course for your goals.

Tamwood Ambassadors
Especially in the Canadian economy networking and showing initiative beyond the classroom and workplace is key. After you have graduated from Tamwood, you are invited to join our tight-knit group of motivated Tamwood Ambassadors, who are ready to spread their passion for learning and coaching. You will gain access to a circle of like-minded people and boost your interpersonal communication skills while adding valuable work experience to your resume.

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