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Partner with us to fill your jobs and internship positions. All of the co-op diploma programs at Tamwood Careers College include a 6-month co-op work term in which students can work full time and they also have the right to work part-time during the 6-month study term, making them available to you for 48 weeks minimum. Our dedicated co-op coordinators work with employers like you to help identify their staffing requirements and match eligible co-op students to work opportunities.

6 Reasons to Hire at Tamwood

No Cost Recruitment Solutions
Widen the pool of candidates you recruit from at zero cost. Allow Tamwood Co-op Coordinators to help you identify the ideal candidate for you. There is no cost and no requirement to accept any candidates we refer to you.

International Talent
Majority of the students at Tamwood have university degrees and work experience from their home countries and bring diverse and multi-cultural perspectives to the Canadian workplace.

Year-Round Availability
Tamwood programs have flexible program start dates, allowing an employer to access our pool of talent co-op candidates all year round.

Employment Support
Tamwood Co-op Coordinators work with you to meet your staffing requirements on a rotational basis, working with outgoing and incoming co-op students to ensure that your staffing needs are continually met.

Competitive Hiring
Hiring Tamwood co-op students allows you to access experienced talent at reasonable wage rates, while also evaluating them on-the-job. This is a cost-effective means of assessing potential employees. Most of our students are seeking a permanent offer of employment on graduation so you get to do a test run before making a permanent job offer.

Co-op Linked Diploma
Tamwood students must complete the Co-op Term successfully to receive their Diploma, ensuring that students stay motivated to work hard and make a good impression on their employer through the entire co-op term.

Looking to recruit employees:

• In a competitive labor market?
• At reasonable wage rates to grow capacity?
• Who have a good work ethic and are trained in their field?

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