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Four Unique Skills to Learn at a Camp in Canada

As we learned last time in our “Top 4 Reasons to Attend a Camp in Canada” post, camps are more than just fun and games. Your child will benefit immensely from the experience of a language camp in Canada.

Moreover, when you decide about the destination and course for your child to attend during their next summer break, consider a camp that offers unique topics and experiences. This way, your kid will not only make memories to last a life-time, yet also gain a definite advantage compared to their peers – personally, socially and academically!

Find out below about the four unique skills that your kid can learn at a camp in Canada:

           1. Innovative Thinking

Leading companies and employers are always looking for the next great idea, and innovative thinking has never been more important than in today’s overcrowded market. Is your kid full of ideas? Then give your child the tools to become a valuable future employee by learning how to design, test and pitch a business idea. No matter which field your kid is interested in, creativity and out-of-the-box thinking will help them stand out. Choose a camp that will connect young career seekers with business professionals from various industries, who can teach them the core values on how to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s economy.

Camp to attend: Future of Work: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, & Career Planning in Vancouver, BC.

          2. Outdoor Leadership

Does your child enjoy spending time in nature, likes to join outdoor sports or is a natural at running ahead and exploring during family walks? Then Outdoor Leadership will be an exciting course to attend while allowing your kid to discover the breathtaking nature of Canada and their world renowned national parks. Skills to learn during an Outdoor Leadership camp include life skills and essentials for being in nature, such as team work, safety protocols and personal responsibility. Not to mention, your child will try out fun activities like backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking or winter sports. Who knows, while attending a camp in Canada, your kid might discover their new favorite outdoor activity!

Camp to attend: Outdoor Leadership in Whistler, BC.

          3. Academic Skills

With the academic field and admissions becoming more and more competitive, provide your child with the necessary skills to stand out! Camps with an academic focus will get young learners ready for a running start to their post-secondary education – whether at home or for an English-speaking institution. Additionally, in today’s society, a semester abroad is not only considered a “nice to have”, but rather a must. Campers in Canada will be well-prepared for a successful college or university application and their future academic career with valuable knowledge, such as how to contribute to a discussion and group work, research and write essays and how to take exams. Choose an academic camp in Canada if your child’s goal is to attend a North American institution!

Camps to attend: University Preparation in Boston, Montreal, San Francisco, Toronto or Vancouver.

          4. STEM

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and covers a wide variety of subjects and associated professions. STEM jobs are in high demand and usually account for the best paid occupations in our economy; for example, as a computer programmer, mechanical engineer, web developer, systems analyst and many more. Soft skills that your child will learn through STEM include problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership, attention to detail and research. This knowledge will help young learners even if they choose a different career path at a later point in their life. Can you imagine that your kid will learn how to 3D-print, build a robot or program their own app? Choosing a camp with STEM focus will challenge your child while making learning fun and interesting!

Camps to attend: Robotics in San Francisco (Juniors) or Boston (Teens).

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