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Learn the Secrets of Being a Successful Entrepreneur

What is the Global Startup School at Tamwood Careers?

The Global Startup School at Tamwood Careers is far from a typical business school. It is not just an incubator; a co-working space; a business accelerator. Instead, the Global Startup School is a combination of all those things.

Do you have the desire to start a business? You can come with your own business idea or develop it during the program. The Global Startup School at Tamwood Careers helps you discover your passion, develop your talents, and achieve your goals. By combining the traditional business school model of lectures and seminars with the lean startup, hands-on model of incubators and accelerators, you will learn the skills and knowledge to either launch your own business, work in a startup, or work as an innovator for a big business.

Be an Entrepreneur

Reasons To Start Your Own Business Rather Than Work For Someone Else:

1. Have the flexibility that comes with being your own boss
2. Earn more income
3. Have control over decision making
4. Pick the team you want to work with
5. Your legacy—make your mark on the world!

Become an Entrepreneur

The best program for you would be:
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Work in a Startup

Reasons To Work In A Startup Rather Than In A Corporate Job:

1. Responsibilities are more but you learn more too
2. More career opportunities in the future
3. Get inspired to see things differently by working with innovators
4. Get credit for your work
5. Work in a lively, fun and inspiring environment

Get Your Dream Job

The best program for you would either be:
Marketing for Startups
Management for Startups

Be an Intrapreneur

Be An Intrapreneur In A Corporate Job

For those who don’t want to venture out on their own for any variety of reasons, you can be entrepreneurial in becoming an intrapreneur — one who leverages the entrepreneurial spirit and tactics without the financial risk.

It’s reported that 58% of managers are either very willing or extremely willing to support employees who want to capitalize on a new business opportunity within their company (Source: Promote Yourself, by Dan Schawbel). In established companies, the demand for employees who can see things differently—developing, testing, and successfully launching new products or market ideas—is exploding. In the Global Startup School you will learn innovation, design thinking and product launch skills that will make you highly sought after for coveted jobs in big companies around the world.

Become a Sought After Intrapreneur

The best program for you would either be:
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Marketing for Startups
Management for Startups

What Our Students Are Saying

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The Benefits

Forget The Classroom

Forget the Classroom

While some of your learning will take place in a classroom, most will happen when you get your hands dirty working on your business project. Each course comes with a series of relevant tasks to complete your project. New entrepreneurs and mentors will join the program in each module to share their wisdom, tips, techniques, advice, and coaching. Our experienced instructors are on-site to assist you as you work through the assignments, build your business plan, and develop your pitch presentation.

Work While Studying

Work While Studying

Living abroad can be costly, but at the Global Startup School @ Tamwood Careers you can earn money while you study to help with living expenses. No matter which Careers program you’re in, your Canadian study permit will allow you to work part-time (20 hours per week) during the study term and full time (40 hours per week) during your term breaks.

Tamwood Careers offers workshops, hiring fairs, and tools, like a Hot Jobs List, to assist you in finding work fast! Most students find entry-level jobs in hospitality, retail, or tourism and earn an average of $11-$15 per hour.


Harnessing Technology

All students must bring a laptop running Windows 10 or a MAC with OS X 10.9 for later use in their program. Since startups often have to launch on a very limited budget, our students utilize mostly free software programs for their assignments. Workshops are regularly run on campus to help students master the functions of the electronic equipment and get familiar with new software. Google suite enables you to access content and guidelines via your virtual classroom app and create collaborative documents.

Building Relationships

Build Relationships in the Vancouver Startup Community

Besides participating in Vancouver’s hottest new program in entrepreneurship, you will pitch your startup to a panel of entrepreneurs and business professionals, attend networking and learning events at local incubators and accelerators and connect with business, law, technology, marketing and finance experts from many fields. Come experience the vibrant Vancouver Startup Scene – we’ll teach you how to build a startup from business plan to execution, in real-world, accelerated terms.

Develop a Viable Business Idea and Apply for Immigration

We coach our students on how to pitch the business they developed in the Global Startup School to designated Canadian investors. If they get support from one of these investors they can apply for the Canadian Startup Visa with the aim of immigrating to Canada.

To learn more about this immigration program and how to get permanent resident status through it, visit the Startup Visa page of the CIC website.

Pitch Day

Pitch Day

In every module you will participate in a pitch day. This is where Tamwood’s student entrepreneurs and business leaders get the opportunity to test their business and product concepts on real-world, experienced business owners and investors. In every round of pitching, you will get valuable feedback and presentation experience.

Entrepreneurial Teachers

Entrepreneurship Taught by Entrepreneurs

Learn from some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs and startup experts in Vancouver. Ask questions and get valuable insight into the world of business.

"GSS provides knowledge and skills from real entrepreneurs and people with many years of experience. Classes are focused on practical education, unlike other colleges."



"I am totally surprised with GSS. It's much more than I expected. It's not like the typical business school—it's practical. We go out often to visit a startup, connect with entrepreneurs, and attend events."



"During the program you will find the way to land an idea to a real business."



"The Entrepreneurship & Innovation program goes beyond the classroom and makes you take action to create your own business."



Recent Industry Guests

Alberto Enriquez (Speaker)

Alberto Enriquez
Commercial Director & Co-Founder at Punk

Chris Stairs (Speaker)

Chris Stairs
Program Manager at Spring Accelerator

Christopher Lennon (Speaker)

Christopher Lennon
President & General Counsel at Empowered Startups

Daniel Prado (Speaker)

Daniel Prado
CTO at YDreams Global

Iren Azevedo (Speaker)

Irene Azevedo
ICEO Practice Leader/Career Master Advisor at Lee Hecht Harrison LATAM

Jeff Duncan (Speaker)

Jeff Duncan
President & CEO of Meetingmax

Kenneth IP (Speaker)

Kenneth IP
Richmond Director at Startup Grind

Michael Stephenson (Speaker)

Michael Stephenson
CEO at Addy

Raul Fonseca (Speaker)

Raul Fonseco
Founder & Chief Executive Officer at MyNuk (former GSS student)

Rodrigo Rocha (Speaker)

Rodrigo Rocha
Head of OEM Sales & Marketing, WW HP Partnership at Microsoft

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Canadian border reopens for Tamwood students on October 20, 2020

Today the Canadian government announced an amendment to the international travel ban that will allow all international students, regardless of where they are travelling from or when their study permit was approved, to come to Tamwood Careers and Tamwood Language Centres.

Tamwood's COVID-19 readiness and quarantine plans have been approved by the British Columbia and Ontario governments and our students may begin entering Canada as of October 20, 2020.

Tamwood would like to thank the various levels of government who worked so hard to make this happen.

Further information on Tamwood's readiness quarantine plans can be found here:

Welcome back to Canada!
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We are excited to be part of Vancouver Startup Week, 2020, and engage with the Vancouver startup community! Global Startup School (GSS) is here to support you. Our programs are designed to help you learn the secrets of being a successful entrepreneur and build your startup. Ask us how!
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4 weeks ago

Global Startup School at Tamwood Careers

Meet Vancouver's hiring companies on October 1st from 9am-6pm online. Companies will be available for live Q&A sessions to answer all your questions! Registration is required so be sure to sign up below.

Event Link:

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4 weeks ago

Global Startup School at Tamwood Careers

Vancouver Startup Week (VSW) is a week-long celebration that builds momentum and fosters connections among entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, and friends within the Greater Vancouver startup community.

Event Link:

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Don't miss out on this amazing event! Learn from Vancouver's top industry experts! At this event, we will discuss business internationalization, strategies to scale up, Canadian incentives for exporters, import and export procedures, and hear a real case of an innovative startup developing and bringing products from China.
Make sure to add this event to your calendar now! Monday, September 28th, 4:30 PM
Register here:
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