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Here’s How to Land Your First Job After College as an International Student

Here’s How to Land Your First Job After College as an International Student


Already thinking about how to land your first job after graduating from college? Good on you for thinking ahead. Many international students get their education in Canada in hopes of transitioning into a career also based in Canada. The good news is that there are job opportunities aplenty- especially if you’re in the technology sector in Vancouver, BC. Don’t believe us? There are websites dedicated exclusively to tech jobs in British Columbia, like BC Tech Jobs and BC Technology.


There’s a lot of opportunity out there, but it does take planning to actually secure a job. Here are our top four steps to transitioning into the workforce in Canada post-graduation:


  • Gain Resume-Worthy Skills and Work Experience


If you want to score a sweet gig in Canada’s tech industry, we can help you out. Here at Tamwood, we offer a fleet of tech-focused co-op programs that provide you with the skills and work experience necessary to land a job. Traditionally, you would gain education first and then get work experience later. But, a co-op program allows you to gain both at once with a flexible part-time approach, so you expedite your journey to entering the job market- and do so highly employable.


Here are popular co-op programs offered at Tamwood:



Each of the above programs offers a balance between part-time work and studying. We believe that work experience is the most competitive asset on your resume, as it allows you to bargain for higher pay and apply to more senior positions. As such, it is highly recommended that you pursue a co-op program.


  • Create a Professional Resume and Cover Letter


Once you’ve got the experience, it’s time to create a resume and cover letter. Resumes should be short and sweet, while the cover letter is where you can elaborate about your journey, why you’re a good fit, and whatever else makes you a great candidate for the job.


There are great online resources available that can help you craft the perfect resume, as well as create the perfect cover letter. It’s a good idea to consult these tools for formatting and language tips for the strongest possible materials.


  • Build Your Professional Network and Practice Interviewing Skills


Don’t sit around until the perfect job comes around! Instead, work on expanding your professional network through tools like LinkedIn and Twitter. It’s a great idea to connect with people who are currently working in your future dream job. If you’re feeling brave, reach out to set up a coffee-chat to learn more about their role.


Also, one of the most important components to landing a job in Canada is acing the interview. This is mostly a measure of your interpersonal skills, which are highly amenable to practice. Mock interviews with friends can be helpful in perfecting your approach. You want to come across as organized, friendly, and professional.


  • Get the help you need from Tamwood Job Placement Service (FREE for Tamwood students)


Uniquely, Tamwood students benefit from support from the co-op department to build strategic connections and non-technical skills. Every Tamwood student automatically has access to these services. What’s more, Tamwood graduates also have the option to transfer their credits to a partner public university or college and be eligible to earn a Post-Grad Work Permit!


To learn more about co-op programs at Tamwood, click here!