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Learning English expands your world! In choosing to learn English with Tamwood, you can be confident knowing that Tamwood is a Designated Learning Institution with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and with the British Columbia Ministry of Education, as well as an accredited member of Languages Canada. You’ll benefit from a personalized learning experience with our small class sizes, our highly trained teachers, and international experiences while feeling at home with our support staff and warm-hearted host families.

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You can be confident knowing that Tamwood Careers and Tamwood Language Centres are both Designated Learning Institutions with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and are registered and accredited with the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education and the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities and Tamwood Languages is an accredited member of Languages Canada.

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Benefit from a personalized learning experience at Tamwood thanks to our small class sizes, optional workshops, and personal 1-on-1 coaching.

Language Centres - Home Away From Home
Your Home Away From Home

Feel at home in the Tamwood community starting on day one thanks to the supportive staff, caring teachers, warm-hearted host families, and friendly classmates.

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Top Quality

Learn from experienced, highly trained teachers using modern resources, technology, and methodologies to give you a top-quality English education.

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Build International Connections

Enjoy an incredible international experience that combines the best of Canadian culture with opportunities to make friends from around the world.

Language Centres - Guarantee

You will make progress in your English learning at the expected rate, and if not, we will help you get there at no extra cost – that’s our guarantee!

English as s Second Language – Long has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training.

English as s Second Language – Short does not require approval by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training. As such, PTIB did not review this program.

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Most English students know that writing is an important skill to master but most students are not overly fond of writing! 📋✍️How can we make writing fun, you ask? You are at the right place! ✒️Check out our tips: A little bit goes a long way! Write a lit bit every day! A journal will help you remember your language-learning journey. Try making it a part of your routine by setting up a time to write. Use the words and phrases you have learned during the day. Having trouble with vocabulary? Try using post-its! Write the objects' names on the post-its and stick them around your house. This will help you to remember the spellings of words and phrases.Use grammar apps to improve your writing. For instance, Grammarly is a great proofreading tool!Consistency is key when learning a new language, and fluency doesn't come overnight. Practicing a little bit every day will make a big difference in the long run! Keep writing!#learnenglisha#improveyourenglisho#quicktips##tamwoods#tamwoodlanguagecentresa#Englishs#getconfidencec#learnenglishfasterl#writeinenglishe#pacticeenglisheverydaysheveryday ... Read MoreRead Less
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It was opening day in Whistler!!! ❄️The most awaited day of the year ⛷️🏂🏻⛰️The students hit the slopes and enjoyed the freshly groomed runs. We wish all our students a fun and exciting season. Be safe and enjoy! 😊...#tamwood #tamwoodwhistler #whistler #tamwoodcareers #tamwoodlanguagecentres #whistleropeningday #openingday #SkiinWhistler #whistler #enjoywhistler ... Read MoreRead Less
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This is Whistler's ESL class singing in hopes of getting some more snow for the opening day on Friday... and it worked! 37cm of snow is now in the forecast this week! 🏔️❄️Most of them will be heading up the mountain on Thursday to enjoy the fresh snow and well-groomed runs! 😊This is such a fun way to practice English and enjoy the snow!!! 🥰❄️Shall we all join in? Song: Snow Snow Snow by Carolyn HansonLyrics 🎵📃Snow Snow SnowSnow Snow SnowSnow Snow SnowSnow Snow Snow. OhhhLook outside and what'll I see?Clouds in a gray sky looking at meOh WohhhSnow Snow Snow. OhhhTher's no sense in running away.It's gonna snow all night and all dayOh WohhhSnow Snow Snow. OhhhFluffy blankets sparkling whiteFeeling kind of cozy tonight.Inside by the firelight.winter here we go! Oh!Come tomorrow we're gonna play.Two feet deep and more on the way.We don't mind it anyway.Come on. let it snow! Oh!Snow Snow SnowSnow Snow SnowSnow Snow SnowSnow Snow Snow. OhhhWatch the flakes come tumbling down.Soft little flakes not making a sound.Oh Woh.Snow Snow Snow! Ohhh.Getting taller, heavy and deep.Just what I need for drifting to sleep. Oh Wohh.Snow Snow Snow. Oh!(BI#studyinwhistlerS#studyincanadas#snowboardingr#skiu#winterseasonn#winter2022##SingingInTheSnow #w#tamwoodwhistlern#tamwoodo#enjoywinterincanada #tamwood #enjoywinterincanada ... Read MoreRead Less
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Listen! Pop, rock, hip hop. Every language has its rhythm and what better way to learn it than through music! Music can be a great idea to improve your English skills - but you have to be strategic! 🎼🎵There is a difference between simply listening to English songs and learning from them. Here are a couple strategies you can try:1 - Choose songs you LOVE. Those are the songs you will listen to over and over again - this will help you memorize the lyrics and be familiar with the vocabulary.2 - Look up the lyrics. If you come across words that you don't know or can't guess from context, simply look up the song's lyrics. Sites like 'Genius' do an awesome job of providing correct lyrics to most songs out there, which include annotations and explanations written by the artists themselves. How cool is that?!3 - Karaoke! The ultimate goal is to be able to speak confidently. What's better than going to a Karaoke with friends and having fun with English together? For the shy ones, you could try doing it at home first. Just go on YouTube and type your favorite song name #learnenglishs#improveyourenglisha#quicktips##tamwoodo#tamwoodlanguagecentresa#Englisha#getconfidencee#learnenglishfasterc#listenenglishr#listeningmusic#l#listenenglisheverydayg#practiceenglisheverydayryday #practiceenglisheveryday ... Read MoreRead Less
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On Tuesday, November 8th, the Tamwood ESL Pathways class attended an eventful day at FIC – Fraser International College, located on the SFU campus in Burnaby, BC.The students actively participated in a fun scavenger hunt/tour of the university campus and got to experience an insightful Master Class on “Finding your University Path”, hosted by Sam Thiara, a professor at both FIC and SFU.Tamwood Pathways students benefit from higher education opportunities such as this one with FIC/SFU and many other Canadian universities and colleges 🇨🇦 🍁...#fic #masterclass #tamwood #careerdevelopment #careercollege #buildingconfidence #pathways #canadianpathway #internationalstudents #connecting #tamwoodcareers #sfu #internationalstudent #studyincanada🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 ... Read MoreRead Less
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