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My Excellent Plan B!

Blog Plan BHi, I’m Philipp, I come from Switzerland. I was at Tamwood for 3 months! Before I came to Tamwood I was working on the east side of Canada for 5 months, but in this company, all people there spoke Swiss German. This wasn’t good to improve my English skills! Then I had the idea to visit an English school but I wanted to visit the school in Vancouver because my friend told me about his experience in Vancouver. He told just good things about Vancouver. Then I had a plan how I would come to Vancouver. I found that to fly there was boring. And then I knew it! My father came to visit me in Canada so I crossed Canada with him from Montreal to Vancouver!

I can remember me when I arrived in Vancouver my English was bad! And when I went out with my friends they told always jokes about my English or they laughed.  When I was in a conversation I always used the words “I don’t know”!! Hahaha

I began in the grammar Level 2 and in Speaking and Listening in Level 4. The first week in Level 4 was really difficult for me to understand the other guys in my class and I asked my teacher if I was at the wrong level. But they told me I can stay there – all people need time in the beginning. After 3 months in Level 2, I took the Challenge Test to move up to Level 3 and I can say I was really proud of myself and in listening I even moved up to Level 5. It was unbelievable that in 3 months I was at the highest listening level. I improved my English a lot more then I thought. I would say thank you to all the teachers that I had. I will never forget the nice time here.

And my friends here! I was in a homestay with two other students from different countries so it was easier to found people to contact. I had a lot of friends here and I had a really good time with them. We went always out on the weekend or in the week sometimes!  I had a lot of fun with these guys and girls. And now I will go to Whistler and I will visit there the Tamwood school and snowboard every day. In Switzerland, I will work again as a landscaper.

Thank you for the nice time I enjoyed this time, really!