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My Four Weeks in Vancouver

I spent 4 weeks in Tamwood and in Vancouver, and they’ve been the most intense and beautiful 4 weeks in my whole life. It’s not easy writing in a way so the reader can understand what I’ve really felt, because every feeling was unique and very intense, but I’ll try my best.

I arrived here on 31 of July, and it seems yesterday: all the time I spent here passed too quickly, it was just like lightning. I remember entering at Tamwood as a shy girl, scared by everything new and unknown, and the most interesting thing is that if I think how I am now, I can’t almost recognize myself: this changed completely me and the way I think, I experienced a culture that is completely different from mine, various and multi-ethnic, and I understood a lot of things that I couldn’t understand if I used my original way of thinking.

Another great point that made my experience unforgettable is the fantastic people I met. This aspect is very important relating to the previous topic, because the people I met were students from everywhere in the world, so they’ve made me stop thinking in a close-minded way, so I could really see the world with new eyes. I must continue remembering this experience.

Also, the beautiful landscapes contribute to making this trip special: I’ve been very lucky because it’s not common being able to make a trip on the Rocky Mountains! I can see this nature just here in Canada, I tried watching as intensely as possible, and I’ll try to keep this picture in my mind.

I look forward to telling my story when I’ll be back in Italy, but I think I’m going to have difficulties in explaining something so big and intense, but now I’m sure of a thing: coming here in Vancouver is been a great idea!

Written By: Irene Spongano


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