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Why Tamwood Pathway Program?

Benefit from choosing Tamwood Pathway Program in Canada as your first step towards a successful future academic and professional career! You can improve your academic English skills at one of our Language Centres or earn a Canadian certificate or diploma through Tamwood Careers. As a Tamwood Careers graduate, you will be able to continue studying in a public post-secondary institution and gain a diploma or degree by paying less tuition fees because of credit transfer articulated agreements.

Reasons to Take a Tamwood Pathway Program in Canada

Students at Tamwood

You want to improve your academic skills through and be prepared for future studies in a post-secondary institution, your future job here in Canada, or even internationally. Visit our academic pathway program page for more information.

a successful Tamwood student

You want to use your international experience and fluency in English to be successful in your future career.

At Tamwood you make friends

You want to have fun, meet new friends and experience living and studying in Canada.

Student Acceptance Letter from Tamwood

You want to gain admission to an international university or college without IELTS and TOEFL.

Meet friends from anywhere

Choose your path in Canada

Excellent service and personal attention from teachers

Program options for pathway students
Average class size

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What Our Students Are Saying

“The Pathway Program at Tamwood was a great surprise. My teacher is great, the class is very quiet and organized, and I improved my skills. We had many tasks and exams, which improved my vocabulary. I chose this program because of the promotion of a lower price for online courses. It was an opportunity for me to study academic English for my future studies in a Canadian institution while paying less.”

EAP 193 class

“Pathway Program helped me to speak English more fluently. I did not study in Canada before, but I would like to study at a university here, and the program helped me improve my skills. I chose Tamwood Pathway Program because it was at a lower price and it convinced me a lot. It was a good opportunity to practice my English.”

EAP 193 class

“I chose Tamwood Pathway Program because it has an academic focus and the price fits my budget. I had a great teacher, who always motivates students and also teaches clearly. This program is accurate to the students’ aims.”

EAP 194 class

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