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Academic Pathways

Want to study at a North American university or college? We can help you get there! Tamwood Careers students who want to further their international education at a Canadian public college or university have the option to apply to one of our academic pathway partners for admission with advanced standing. Tamwood has entered into articulation agreements with several institutions in Canada that allow for a block transfer of courses from Tamwood Careers to the college/university.

By joining a Tamwood Careers program, you will save on tuition fees and enjoy more free time while studying at one of our partner institutions.

Reasons To Take This Program

Flexible Start Dates
Most of our programs offer monthly intakes so you don’t have to wait for the next available start date at a public college or private university to start studying.

Small Classes
Classes are smaller with a maximum of 24 students, so you can begin your studies in Canada in a supportive and personal environment.

Flexible Study Locations
With campuses in Toronto, Vancouver, and Whistler, you can start your program at Tamwood Careers in any one of these cities and later move to another Canadian location to attend a public college or university to complete your program.

Save Money
Tuition fees are less expensive than most public colleges and universities so you can save money by completing some of your courses towards your degree or public college diploma at Tamwood Careers.

Obtain Two Credentials
By starting your program at Tamwood Careers and then transferring into a public college or university you will finish with two credentials – a certificate or diploma from Tamwood Careers and a diploma or degree from one of our pathway partner institutions.

Become Eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit
Students who graduate from Tamwood Careers into a public college or university and complete their studies on a full-time basis are eligible for a post-graduate work permit which allows them to stay and work in Canada for up to three years post-graduation.

Gain Admission with a Lower English Level
Tamwood Careers has a lower admission requirement with respect to English language skills than its pathway partners so you can start studying in your preferred program at Tamwood Careers and upgrade your English skills while studying through an English program at Tamwood Language Centres.

Academic Pathway Partners

Tamwood has pathway agreements with many Canadian Universities and Colleges, some of which include an IELTS waiver. Our partner institutions recognize the value of the training students get in this program at Tamwood and view our students as more likely to succeed in their formal studies as a result.

For a full list of our academic pathway partners, click here.

What Tamwood Academic Pathway Students Are Saying?

“My name is Ilgar and I am from Turkey. The first reason I choose Tamwood is their visa approval rate was so high. Another reason I was looking to study Tourism related program and they have Essential Skills in Hospitality, Service and Tourism department. I am happy to choose Tamwood because whenever I need to help Tamwood’s staff and instructors always helped me find a good job. They are taking care of all student’s problems and needs carefully.  

After I graduate from the program I was looking to go to public college and Tamwood has a great agreement with Vancouver Community College. When I graduated from Tamwood I transferred three-courses to Vancouver Community College. As I transferred three-courses I did not pay a three-course fee to Vancouver Community College and saved more money.  Most importantly, after graduation from Tamwood, you will not be alone because Tamwood staff still will be contacting with you about your current situation to make it better. Especially, during this time I am so happy to know the Pathways Program Manager of Tamwood helped me a lot, she never felt me alone and always supported me whenever I need help. She made the transfer credit process so soft and easy. I highly recommend everyone to study at Tamwood.  It is very important to graduate from a school that cares about its students and still plans their future.”

Ilgar, Hospitality and Tourism Co-op Diploma

Academic Pathway to Vancouver Community College (VCC) Hospitality Management Diploma

“I came to Canada in September 2020. I stayed in a homestay which was arranged by Tamwood and it was such a great family!! Then I started my IBM diploma at Tamwood for 6 months. I learned a lot and gained knowledge in different subjects, the teachers were super awesome and the management as well! Whenever I reach out to anyone from the Vancouver campus, they always respond in a timely manner! The Co-Op opportunity is a great way for us to start our careers in Canada.

The transition between Tamwood and CapU was really smooth thanks to Pathway Department Manager, who helped me in every step and made sure that we filed the application in a very professional way! She stayed with me until the end and she always checks on me! I didn’t have any issues at all in transferring to CapU 🙂

The NABU program is really great and the transferred credits I get from Tamwood really helped me to blend in fast and start my studies at CapU. 

I would recommend all Tamwood students to take the pathway program as it’s very helpful and will guarantee you a PGWP after you finish. Also, guess what? Pathway Department will do everything for you!! You just need to let them know what do you want and you will be in good hands 🙂 

Mohammad, International Business and Management Co-op Diploma

Academic Pathway to Capilano University (CapU) North American Business Management Applied Post Baccalaureate Diploma

Pricing Breakdown

Choose your desired program at Tamwood from the list below. You will find out all our Academic Pathway institutions for this program and the total fees to pay after credit transfer to a public institution.

Please note that prices are estimated. All fees are in Canadian Dollars for the entire program.

Admission Requirements

Age: Minimum 18 Years (International Business & Management); Minimum 19 Years (Hospitality, Service, & Tourism)

You have completed: Final year of general/secondary level schooling.

English Level: Intermediate to Advanced. Tamwood Pathway Program completion of EAP 192 for Business, and EAP 193 for Hospitality, or a level equivalent to IELTS 5.0 for Business, IELTS 5.5 for Hospitality. You should be open to learning in an intercultural environment and motivated to use English with your teachers and peers. The language of instruction will be in English only but staff are available for most common languages.

Documents: You must have a valid passport and be eligible to enter Canada as a tourist or as a student. We highly recommend applying for a study permit. You will receive a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from Tamwood to submit with your visa application.

*Students who need to improve their English skills before getting admitted to this program can take English courses at Tamwood Language Centres.

Example of Academic Pathway Process

An example of a Pathway process would be, from Tamwood Careers (Hospitality and Tourism Co-op Diploma) to Capilano University (Tourism Management for Co-operative Education Diploma (IELTS 6.5, with no single score below 6, 2-year program) or Bachelor of Tourism Management Degree (IELTS 6.5, with no single score below 6; 4-year program).

Step 1: Enroll in Hospitality and Tourism Co-op Diploma at Tamwood Careers

Step 2: Complete the program and receive a credential

Step 3: Register for Capilano University

Step 4: Upon successful Enrollment, receive 24 credits transfer towards either program at Capilano University for the following courses:

• REC 152 Environmental Stewardship
• TOUR 133 Tourism Career Preparation
• TOUR 140 Tourism Co-op Work Term
• TOUR 233 Cross-Cultural Tourism
• 9 credits for lower-level Tourism Management elective courses

Academic (University) Pathway Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I hold my place in a college or university using Academic Pathways?

Academic Pathways give students an opportunity to transfer some courses to a partner institution. You still need to apply, meet all admissions requirements and pay a deposit to hold your seat at the college/university program.

Can Tamwood Academic Pathways partner waive English requirements for me?

Tamwood has different agreement with each partner. Some partners will waive English is you meet particular conditions; some will accept Tamwood Pathway Program and some will ask you to provide a proof of English for your application. Please check every partner requirements here or contact our Pathways Department

Does Tamwood guarantee that I will transfer my credits to one of partners?

Tamwood has an agreement with each partner that states a list of transferrable courses. If you will maintain good attendance and get good grades at Tamwood, your courses will be transferred. For example, if our partner college ask for minimum 80% grade in order to transfer Tamwood course, the student needs to meet this requirement.

Will my Tamwood courses be transferred automatically after I apply to a partner institution?

No, you need to apply for a credit transfer separately after a college or university accepts you and provide you with a student ID. Please do not hesitate to contact our Pathways Program Manager to ask for help with your application, or after you applied for a credit transfer. Tamwood will send official transcripts to the partner institution.

How many credits or course I can transfer?

Please check each Tamwood Academic Pathways partner for credit transfer details here.

Do I need to pay anything extra for Tamwood help with a credit transfer?

No, we are happy to help each student, and Tamwood Pathways service is free for our students.

Will I pay less for my program if I transfer courses?

Yes, the most of our partners reduce tuition fees for transferred courses. You can find more information for each institution here.

Why take Tamwood Careers program and use Academic Pathways partnership, if I can apply directly?

Tamwood Career programs have lower entry requirements and more intakes during a year. Public colleges or universities usually have 1-3 intakes a year, and tuition fees are much higher. For example, Capilano university tuition fees are about 39000$ for 2 years Diploma program, but Tamwood Diploma is about 9000$ including 6 months of full time work opportunity to earn more money. 24 transferred credits cost about 14000$. So you will save at least 5000$, and even more if you work while studying at Tamwood. On top of that, you can arrive to Canada and start studies whenever you want and do not need to wait for the next available intake.

Available Services

English Acceleration Workshops (Toronto & Vancouver):

Every Friday afternoon you can participate in free interactive workshops designed to help you learn more quickly and improve your English knowledge and skills.

Workshop topics include:

✓ Back to basics
✓ Canadian Culture
✓ Confusing Words
✓ English Through Songs
✓ English Through TV
✓ Fun with Vocabulary
✓ Grammar Fun
✓ Power Speaking 1 & 2
✓ Pronunciation Practice
✓ Read & Discuss
✓ What does that say
✓ Games

Personal Coaching

If you study at Tamwood for more than 4 weeks, you can use our free personal coaching service. A teacher will work with you 1-on-1 to focus on your goals and help make a plan to achieve them through practice and exercises that you can do outside of class.

Free Assistance

Free assistance with an application to one of our Tamwood partner institutions.


If you want to have housing arranged pre-departure for either the whole duration of your course or only the beginning, then you can book high-quality accommodation through Tamwood, here.


  • • Carefully screened, English-speaking homestay families
  • • Fully furnished private rooms with either private or shared bathrooms
  • • Three meal options: Full-Board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), Half-Board (breakfast and dinner), No Meals
  • • High-speed wireless internet and laundry facilities available


  • • Fully furnished shared or private bedrooms
  • • Shared or private bathrooms
  • • Fully equipped kitchens
  • • Self-catering
  • • High-speed wireless internet in each room and common area
  • • Laundry facilities on-site
  • • Central locations

Social Activities

Tamwood offers exciting experiences outside the classroom to help you discover Canada. Enjoy fun activities in and around Vancouver, Whistler, and Toronto with your new friends from around the world. You’ll take part in social events, sports and activities, sightseeing, spectator sports, cultural experiences, shopping, and dining.

Students who want to improve their leadership skills can volunteer to become a Tamwood Ranger and help to lead Tamwood activities.