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Student Rights

The following policies apply to all students enrolled in one of the programs at Tamwood International College. The policy is implemented on campus and during school activities.

1. Entitled to services as set out in the Student Enrolment Contract, including all the applicable terms and conditions. Students must get familiar with the contract, comply with all the terms and conditions set out in the Contract; to pay all the fees as per the payment plan set out in the Payment Plan section of the contract.

2. A right to change or cancel a program or an additional service and be entitled to a refund in certain situations. Students must make themselves familiar with the cancellation/refund policy and notify Tamwood of any changes in the program composition, in a timely manner.

3. Access to publicly available policies and school rules. Students must familiarize themselves with the publicly available documents and comply with students’ policies and procedures.

4. Ability to access their transcripts and credentials. Students must complete the requirements for graduation.

5. A safe environment and an environment free from discrimination and harassment. Students must consider everyday hazards, make themselves familiar with safety procedures and fire alarm instructions, and act accordingly; to respect and treat everyone equally, report any inappropriate behavior evidenced to the Campus Manager and abide by the Tamwood Anti-Discrimination Policy; to respect other people’s opinions.

6. Right to be fairly evaluated and able to appeal the test results. Students have a responsibility to participate in all required assessments and to make themselves familiar with the appeal procedure.

7. Have an established schedule of the classes and be notified of any changes. Students must come to class on time, notify Tamwood of any expected absence, and check the community board regularly to get informed about schedule changes.

8. Confidentiality of their progress report and assigned grades. Students must respect other students’ confidentiality.

9. Equal access to the school facilities and equipment during the hours of operation. Students must respect the school’s property and get familiarized with rules and policies concerning when access to the property is denied (e.g. absenteeism policy, English-only Policy, etc).

Note that any breach of this policy will be reported to the Dispute Resolution Officer who will review it and make a final decision on proceedings.

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