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More than just “Fun and Games” Camps are more than “just a nice vacation” in a foreign country – it’s all about going on an adventure, making new friends from all over the world and joining exciting activities! In addition, having attended a camp in Canada, your child will certainly return with improved language skills and a newly won confidence. It is a time to learn, discover and grow while exploring the culture of a foreign country. Read below about the top 4 reasons why your child should attend a camp

You will always grow when you keep doing things at your best; especially doing what makes people love you. The all-time award-winning English Language School, Tamwood, won ST Star Award-English Language School North America 2018, and Ceremony was in London England. Tamwood Language School is a renowned teaching school that teaches, coach, and encourages clients on the importance and efficacy of English language communication in social development.   he award is a plus to the Tamwood Language School reputation as it encourages clients confident in them. This year all four Tamwood decisions were