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My arrival at Tamwood College in Vancouver: When you decide to leave your country to spend a year abroad, a lot of feelings, doubts and questions come to your mind: “Is this the right decision?” - “What if I do something wrong?” - “Will I be okay?” Honestly, I shouldn’t have worried this much! It was the best experience that I could ever have, although my arrival in Vancouver was a little bit chaotic, but thinking about it now, also funny.   On August 11 2018, I was ready to start my adventure. I

Studying at Tamwood in Whistler was a life-changing experience for me because I could connect with people from countries I never thought I would know. Whistler Resort was the perfect place for me to take the Essentials in Hospitality, Service and Tourism Co-op Diploma because Whistler is one of the most popular tourism destination in British Columbia, there are many renown hotels ready to hire you for your Co-Op practice and its beautiful landscapes proves that the sustainable tourism is a must in this city.   At first, one the biggest challenges I

The world really needs user interface experts, user experience design experts, and web developers right now. With increased demand for tools that support remote work, the high-tech industry needs professionals on the ground, stat, to keep up.   Truly, high-tech is flourishing everywhere, however, no place is capitalizing on this shift quite like Vancouver, Canada.   In a November 2020 report, Vancouver ranked number one in high-tech software job growth. Demand for jobs in high tech is only expected to continue to grow heading into 2021. That means that now is the time to

The Canadian government announced today, October 2, 2020, an amendment to the international travel ban. Effective October 20, 2020, learning institutions whose COVID-19 readiness plans have been approved by their provincial or territorial government will be able to welcome more international students back to their schools. Both Tamwood Careers and Tamwood Language Centres, have had their readiness plans approved and have been added to the list of British Columbia and Ontario institutions approved by the Province to receive new international students with study permits. Tamwood looks forward to safely welcoming new international

 Tamwood is excited to begin welcoming the return of in-class instruction at our Vancouver campuses of Tamwood Language Centres and Tamwood Careers - effective June 29, 2020.  We will open our other campuses in the coming months when the industry is allowed to re-open by the Ontario government.   Our priority is the safety and well-being of all students, staff, and visitors; which means we are making changes to how we operate in accordance with the new health and safety guidelines outlined by the Provincial Health Officer and the provincial health

Did you know that a native speaker of English seeking permanent residence in Canada is required to take and pass the IELTS Exam? As well,  did you know that if you are an international student, even if you speak and write English at the same level as a native speaker if wish to enter a Canadian university you still need to pass an IELTS Exam? Tamwood has developed a series of workshops to address weaknesses shown by native speakers of English on the IELTS Exam and to provide professional tips and

Canadá es uno de esos países llenos de contrastes que merece la pena explorar bien, cada ciudad es única y tiene su propia personalidad, si has decidido venir a estudiar unos meses, deberás tener esto en cuenta para elegir el que será tu nuevo hogar ya que el lugar que elijas determinará cómo será tu experiencia. ¿Tienes claro cuál sería la ciudad perfecta para ti? a ver si podemos ayudarte. ¿Cuáles son las mejores ciudades de Canadá? En Tamwood tenemos Campus en dos de las principales ciudades canadienses Vancouver y Toronto, pero si

Si te estás planteando venir a estudiar a Canadá, seguro te preguntarás si necesitas algún tipo de visa o permiso. La respuesta rápida es sí, pero hay algunos detalles que debes conocer. A continuación te contamos qué visa necesitas para estudiar en Canadá según el tiempo de tu estancia o tu nacionalidad. La primera pregunta que te debes hacer es ¿cuánto tiempo quieres estudiar? Si vas a estar menos de 6 meses: Necesitarás la ETA o Visitor Visa.  Ambos te permiten viajar por el país y estudiar pero no podrás trabajar. Visitor Visa • Es una especie

Estudiar un tiempo en el extranjero no tiene por qué implicar irte a otra ciudad a hacer un curso de inglés como los que hacías en la escuela, existen otras opciones como por ejemplo venir a estudiar formación superior en Canadá haciendo un curso de Tamwood Careers. Todos sabemos que vivir en el extranjero puede resultar algo caro y este tipo de cursos te permiten ganar dinero mientras estudias para ayudarte con los gastos de tu estancia. No importa qué programa elijas, tu study permit te permitirá trabajar media jornada (20