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Tips to Be Successful in Your Online Classes In 2021

Taking Online Classes due to Covid-19? Do want some tips to help you get better outcomes? Here are top tips to be successful in your Online classes In 2021.

  1. Treat your classes like a job
  2. Be selective about where you study
  3. Monitor your internet usage
  4. Be kind to yourself


Another year, another semester! Things probably look a little different for your schooling this year thanks to the pandemic. Many students find themselves in online classes despite only having experience in in-person classes before. Although the content remains the same, this new method of learning can be challenging to adjust to.


If you’re currently in online classes and having difficulty, there is hope! In this article, we’re going to share several tried and true tips that have been passed down from previous students that can help you be successful in virtual classes.


Treat your classes like a jobPhoto by <a href="">Brooke Cagle</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>


It’s easy to feel like your education is less formal now that you don’t have to commute and attend in person. Attending lectures in your pajamas can definitely contribute to this. To try and bolster your motivation to take your schooling seriously, avoid doing work in bed and/or in your pajamas. In addition, create clear boundaries for when it’s time to work, vs when it’s time to live. Don’t mix the two!


For example, try maintaining a 9am-5pm schedule at home for your coursework (if you’re enrolled in a full-time program). Every day, start your work at 9am, take your lunch hour at a designated time, and then work until 5pm. This is a great way to stay committed to your work and leave your school at school. After all, if you’re a workaholic without a strict schedule, you might have trouble putting your school away and risk burnout.




Photo by <a href="">Hannah Olinger</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a> Be selective about where you study


When you’re sitting in a lecture, it’s really easy to focus. After all, there’s not much to do but pay attention to your teacher. On the contrary, online learning can be rife with distractions. If you live with other people, you may be trying to learn amidst them cooking in the kitchen, watching TV, or chatting with other household members. All that commotion can make it hard to focus!


To find a quiet space to study at home, avoid common spaces. Instead of studying in the living room or kitchen, try your bedroom. Office space is obviously ideal, but we don’t all have access to such a luxury. Above all, choose a place to study in your home with minimal foot traffic and maximum noise privacy.


Monitor your internet usage


Perhaps the largest barrier to online learning is the easy access to virtual distractions. If you’re watching an online lecture but having message notifications at the same time, you’re splitting your focus. Remember to set your laptop to “Do not disturb” to avoid notifications knocking you off your focus game.


In addition, it’s a best practice to make your lectures and/or assignment full screen as you complete them. Otherwise, you have extra space that you may absentmindedly fill by opening up social media or browsing the news, accidentally losing your focus. Removing extra browsing space can definitely help narrow your focus.






Be kind to yourself


This is our final and most important tidbit of advice. Be kind to yourself. Transitioning to online learning is not a walk in the park, let alone during a global pandemic. If you’re not as productive as usual and having trouble staying motivated, that’s okay. That’s normal. Above all else, take care of your well-being.


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